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DIY: Gold Glitter Champagne Bottles

July 25th by Samantha Chan

We know, we know… we’re what you may call slightly “obsessed” with all things gold. But really, can you blame us? With favors THIS good-looking, can’t you understand why we subscribe to the mantra “all gold everything”?

If you – like us – can’t get enough of gold, then this easy project is just for you! This DIY is super simple yet super decadent looking. To get started, here’s what you’ll need:


Step 1) Apply Glue

Spray the cider bottle with the glue and let sit for 5 minutes. You can use a paintbrush to further spread it if it doesn’t spray on evenly.

PRO TIP: This part can get messy, so apply the glue inside of an open top box for easy clean up


Step 2) Just Add Glitter

Create a pile of the coarse glitter and roll the bottle through the glitter pile as evenly as possible.

PRO TIP: Pour glitter pile on top of construction paper for easy clean up

Repeat this process a few times to attain as full of coverage as possible. Use your fingers to add glitter to the “naked” portions of the bottle as necessary.


  • Use additional glue and glitter as required to cover any bare spots
  • Use a silicone or lacquer sealer afterwards to keep the glitter in place


Step 3) Finishing the Look

You did it! You’ve successfully glittered your bottles for a decadently elegant look. Now finish the project by tying a decorative straw and  personalized ribbon to complete the look for a gorgeous presentation. This cute finished project is a delicious treat that guests can enjoy at the party or bring home as a unique souvenir!


  • For an ombre effect, add a little glue to the bottom of the completed bottle. Using a fine glitter with a different color, sprinkle along bottom of bottle

Bridal Party Must-Have: DIY Flower Crowns Tutorial by Home Sweet Flowers

July 24th by Samantha Chan

We love bringing you invaluable tips, advice, and all-around good information from industry professionals – especially when it’s in the form of a fantastically fun collaboration!

Recently, we teamed up with the folks from Home Sweet Flowers to create an easy DIY flower crown tutorial. Home Sweet Flowers is a San Francisco based florist focusing on local and sustainable efforts. Their shared goals for nature-inspired, casually elegant, and unique creations, made them the perfect partner for this project.

Together, we bring you a gorgeous how-to, DIY floral crown tutorial. Watch now to learn how to make your very own crown. They’re perfect for brides, bridesmaids, and flower girls!


Additional Tips & Tricks:

Regular scissors will do just fine, but if available, use flower shears for hard to trim stems. For the crown base, use either wired sisal rope or a flexible branch like myrtle, eucalyptus, or ivy.


Measure your head with the chosen base material and attach with wire before trimming the hanging edges.


Map out your flowers before attaching. This way you can better gauge flower placement and overall look.


Finish the crown with a pretty satin ribbon. We used our satin saying ribbons, the “Happily Ever After” in bone color.


More Fun Stuff

To see even more of this project, watch our behind-the-scenes video below. Here you’ll learn more about Home Sweet Flowers and their unique services, as well as their collaboration with Beau-coup!


Additional Information

Find Home Sweet Flowers at: www.homesweetflowers.com

Find more collaborations at: www.beau-coup.com/collaborations/wedding

How to Host the Best Ice Cream Parties: All the Tips, Tricks, & Ideas You Need

July 21st by Samantha Chan

(image credit: PBS)

Summer is calling and we think you should answer it… in the form of an ice cream social!

We’re in love with ice cream parties because it’s delicious, whimsical, and filled with carefree nostalgia – it’s the perfect theme for a summer birthday celebration. But before you go on an ice cream buying binge, read on now for tips, tricks, and ideas to help you keep cool at your rockin’ ice cream social.


Pre-Scoop Ice Cream

Pre-scooping ice cream balls is an excellent tip that helps you save time and energy while maintaining the quality of the ice cream. Read our pre-scooped ice cream tip post for detailed instructions on how to do this.


Be Mindful of Allergies

Peanuts, lactose, gluten… the list of allergies these days is long and dangerous. Be mindful of guests’ allergies and intolerances by offering multiple options. For example, offer sorbet in addition to cream-based. And be sure to keep nuts and other allergen items in separate containers to prevent contamination.


Properly Store Your Ice Cream

Before the big reveal, be sure to properly store your ice cream. Always keep it covered and in the coldest part of the freezer as possible (do not store it in the door).


Making Homemade Ice Cream

If you’re thinking about making ice cream from scratch, here’s a tip for avoiding ice crystals. For every six cups of ice cream mixture, add 1 envelope of unflavored gelatin. Let the gelatin soften in 1/4 cup of the mixture, and then gently heat until dissolved. Add to the remaining mixture and continue.


What To Do With Leftover Ice Cream

After all is said and done – (i.e.- closing time), you’re likely to end up with a melty puddly mess of leftovers. But don’t hastily throw this away! You can safely and easily rescue leftover ice cream by re-spinning in an ice cream maker. Take the melted leftovers and spin again to instantly bring ice cream back to life. You can enjoy once more or refreeze the re-spun ice cream.


Keep It Cool At The Party

Ice cream by nature has a short window of enjoyment. The threat of melt is what leads to brain freezes and worrisome party hosting. Easily combat this by incorporating dry ice. Surprisingly, dry ice is conveniently sold in most grocery stores!

When using this tip to keep ice cream cool, never touch dry ice with bare hands. Always use tongs or gloves. Place the dry ice in a bowl or pan, and then place the filled ice cream serving bowl on top of the dry ice platter. Imagine a double boiler of ice cold goodness.

“Ask Alyssa”: Beau-coup Wedding Guest Advice Columnist

July 18th by Samantha Chan

Ask and you shall receive!

Last week we invited you to submit your pressing wedding planning questions to our guest advice columnist Alyssa Griffith, a Principle Planner over at LVL Weddings & Events with over four years wedding and event planning experience and a certificate in Wedding Planning.

While we were unable to answer every question, here are the lucky few selected by Alyssa:


Q: What’s the purpose of a cocktail hour? Do I need to include this in my wedding? – Susan

A: You certainly don’t have to include anything that you don’t want to include!  Remember, this is your wedding and you should structure it in a way that makes you and your partner happy.  The purpose of a cocktail hour in the past was that guests were transitioning from a church to a reception venue, and the lag time was filled with a short cocktail hour. The purpose of a cocktail hour for most weddings today, is really to give your guests an opportunity to mingle, grab a drink, and settle in between the ceremony and dinner.  It serves other purposes as well.  It allows transition time, time for the couple and/or family to do photos, and time for the caterers to finish dinner prep, depending on when you start your ceremony.  Cocktail hour is not an absolute necessity; however, as you build a day of schedule, you may find that it is helpful!


Q: What’s the best time of the year and the best day of the week to have an outdoor wedding in terms of good weather & affordable costs? – Jennifer

A: When considering cost and weather, you will find that the best time of year is dependent upon where you are getting married.  For example, Northern California has an exceptionally long ‘wedding season’, so the less expensive ‘off season’ is roughly October-March.  When thinking about the season to get married, you need to prioritize whether you want your wedding to be indoors or outdoors, and then consider price.  Different venues will structure their pricing differently and often offer discounts for their ‘off season.’  As for day of the week, Saturdays are the most popular wedding day and, in turn, the most expensive.  You will be able to save some money by looking at Fridays and Sundays as options.

Furthermore, a mid-week wedding will be able to cut costs drastically since the venues will have more availability, and most vendors will be more flexible with pricing since they are otherwise unbooked during the week!


Q: I work in the fashion industry and I have the luxury of a pattern and sample room in house. They are helping me with my dress. Do I need to invite the main dress “honcho” to my wedding? It would require travel for them and I don’t know if they would prefer an invitation or a gift. – Elizabeth

A: Wow, what a blessing to have access to that kind of dream dress help!  Unless you consider this person a close friend or family member, don’t feel obligated to send an invite.  I think a nice gift and a card would be more than sufficient!


Q: I’m planning a destination (Dominican Republic) wedding and it’s both of our 2nd marriages. Is it rude to provide a registry along with the wedding invitation? Or do you think people will get offended because it’s a 2nd wedding and they’re also paying for their own travels/hotel? – Katherine

A: Wow, a wedding in the Dominican Republic sounds amazing!  The truth about registries is that they are meant to be a convenience for your guests.  Some guests, no matter how much they are spending on attending a wedding, want to give a gift.  By giving them a registry link, you are giving them assurance that they are giving a gift that will be enjoyed.  However, if you and your fiancé feel that you don’t have a big need for gifts, you could simply overlook the registry entirely.


Q: We’re planning on having a rather small wedding, approx. 60 guests. My fiancé and I would love to do a destination wedding and try to cover a significant portion of the guests hotel in our budget so that guests really only need to worry about airfare and meal cost. With that said, our very conventional families still can’t wrap their head around a destination wedding; our friends on the other hand are ready to pack their bags. We’re very torn if we should go for what we want to do and hope the majority of our families make it, or not be so selfish and try to accommodate as many guests/family as possible. – Kelly

A: In short, my answer is that you should do what makes you and your fiancé happy!  Sometimes I think people are apprehensive about destination weddings because they have never been to one, they don’t know what to expect, and they are concerned about cost.  If you and your fiancé are helping to cover part of the cost, you are already doing your share of making sure it is accessible to your family and friends.  No doubt, once everyone is there, they will enjoy themselves and be happy for the experience!


Q: Do you need to invite out of town guest to rehearsal dinner or throw a “wedding brunch” the next day? I’ve seen this trending but don’t know if the budget allows. Thanks! – Sarah

A: It is certainly nice to offer your guests more events during their stay for your wedding, but we all know it doesn’t always fit in the budget.  Consider alternate events: a super simple inexpensive brunch (think bagels and fresh fruit), or a non-hosted rehearsal night cocktail hour (where guests can buy their own drinks).  The key here is to give your guests more face time with you and your fiancé, since you are the reason they travelled to the wedding!


Q: Do guests expect transportation to/from the reception? – Debbie

A: Transportation is a nice thing to offer to guests if it fits into your budget.  Oftentimes it isn’t possible or easy to offer, and in reality, your guests will make it where they need to be on their own!  The only situation where transportation is a must is when the reception venue doesn’t have easy parking or is in a difficult to get to location.


Q: What is the most important thing of your budget? I’ve been hearing photographer, but wanted to see where the bulk should go- I imagine it would be food/drink? – Michelle

A: No doubt, food and beverage will be the largest portion of your budget.  Past that, you and your fiancé should prioritize the things that are most important to you and then choose how to spend the bulk of your budget.  For instance, some people prioritize live music over an amazing photographer.  In which case, they should allocate more money to music!


Q: As an older bride all of my friends and family have multiple kids. How do I politely request that guests not bring their children to my wedding on the invite? I love their kids but there would be more of them than adults if everyone attended, not to mention the additional cost. – Jennifer

A: According to etiquette, you simply need to address your invitations to exactly who is invited (i.e., “Mr. and Mrs. Jones”, with no children’s names).  It is also helpful to let close friends know about your plans for a wedding with no children, and maybe even put a quick note on the wedding website.  It is absolutely fair for you to choose a wedding with no children, and your friends will understand and ultimately appreciate a night out without their kids!


Q: What is the etiquette around tipping wedding vendors? How much, when, cash only? Is it 15%, with more or less based on level of service? Do you hand them cash at the end of the night, or can you mail it in after? Do you ever just add it to the balance of the contract, or should it always be paid separately? – Winnie

A: Tipping for weddings can be quite tricky!  First of all, don’t think of it as a percentage, the way you would for a restaurant meal, which would get out of control.  The general rule that I like to share is this: If the person works for someone other than themselves, or has gone above and beyond, then consider tipping them!  For vendors like band members, wait staff, etc. a tip of $20-60 per person is perfectly generous.  For higher priced vendors who you believe deserve a tip – $100-300 is wonderful.  And, yes, preferably always pay a tip in cash (at the wedding or after) so that your vendors don’t have to pay taxes on your generous tip!


Q: Do you need to send a gift before the wedding? If not, how long after can you wait before sending a gift? – Kandra

A: It is certainly ideal to get the gift taken care of before the wedding – but it is safe to send something up to about a month after the wedding if you aren’t able to do it before hand.


Q: My parents are divorced and don’t get along too well, what do you recommend in terms of seating arrangements at the wedding and reception? – Alison

A: Unfortunately, this is a situation that many people face when planning their weddings!  Essentially, my recommendation is for you to do the best that you can, and know that your parents are going to be happy to be at your wedding and they will make it through!  The ceremony can be a little tricky – but maybe by placing some siblings in between them, they can make it through that first part of the day. Luckily, it is pretty easy to seat them at different tables during the dinner/reception, and following dinner it is up to them to keep their distance.


Q: So my partner and I of almost 4 years are planning our wedding! What are the do’s and don’ts of a same sex wedding?  Do we walk down the aisle?  Is it ok if neither of us do?  Do we have one best man?  Two?  Groomsmen?  ”Bridesmaids”?  We are thinking of having the wedding on the West coast, but a party/reception at another time on the East coast… is this acceptable? – Johnnie

A: One of the things that I love most about same sex weddings is that they remind me that it’s okay for us to ‘bend the rules’ of weddings and create a day that pleases and reflects the couple.  You can have one big wedding party that stand on either side (or sits down) during the ceremony, or you can each have your own ‘team’ of wedding attendants.  You can both walk down during the processional – separately or together.  Or neither of you can process and you can just meet up front!  You should feel confident in planning a wedding that makes the two of you happy!  If it includes some classic wedding traditions but not others, or if it doesn’t look much like a traditional wedding at all – it will be wonderful!  Don’t be afraid to bend the rules a little, or a lot!  As for a bi-coastal affair, I say “why not!”  Although, if you want guests to be on the West Coast for your wedding ceremony, maybe a small reception following would be nice, and then another/bigger party on the East Coast later!  Wishing you all the best!


Beautiful Bridal Braids? It’s a Bridal Do’!

July 16th by Samantha Chan

Braided do’s are everywhere these days. You’ll find them on fashion show runways, on your favorite Hunger Games character (Katniss Everdeen anyone?), and on your TV set a la any episode of Game of Thrones.

This is a gorgeous trend that’s definitely here to stay. Braids are romantic, pretty, feminine, and ideal for a stunning wedding day look. Get inspired for your own version of a braided do’ with our top picks below.


The Look: Wood Nymph

This braided look is fairy inspired. Achieve it by choosing loose braids, wavy tendrils, and added elements from nature like flowers and leaves.

(image credit: Confetti Daydreams)

(image credit: Total Image Hair Salon)

(image credit: Pinterest)


The Look: Fun and Flirty

Let your fun side shine through with a strategically placed braid and well positioned braided bun/chignon. Exposing just one side of the nape of your neck is the perfect amount of flirt!

(image credit: Style Me Pretty)

(image credit: Pinterest)

(image credit: Style Me Pretty)


The Look: I Woke Up Like This

Lovers of bed head can definitely rock this look for their wedding day. The braids are loose, while natural-looking waves cascade down around the face and back.

(image credit: Jessica Janae Photography)

(image credit: A Million Things To Love)


The Look: Prim and Proper

On the other end of the spectrum, for those who appreciate a more proper wedding up do’, then this do’s for you! Intricate, tightly-secured, and accessorized braids are the ticket for a more structured look.

(image credit: Pinterest)

(image credit: Pinterest)


(image credit: We Heart It)

Feeling “braidy” yet? Will you be trying out any of these breathtaking braided looks for your big day?

From Farm to Fun: Adorable Ideas for a Farm Themed Baby Shower

July 15th by Samantha Chan

Hosting a baby shower is cute, cute, cute. But when you tack on an unbelievably adorable theme like Farmyard fun to an already cute baby shower, the results are off the charts sweet! Here’s what you’ll need to successfully throw this theme.


Let Your Party Animals Graze

(image credit: Pinterest)

Food is always important, no matter the event. It’s where people tend to flock and hang out. So take this opportunity to have fun with the most popular aspect of your shower. Easily incorporate this theme into food by serving up “pigs in a blanket”, Oreo cookies as “tractor wheels”, and a veggie platter “garden”.


Decorate The Farmhouse

(image credit: Beau-coup)


(image credit: Etsy)

Just because you’re not hosting at an actual Farm, doesn’t mean that you can’t get the look! Try laying out red bandannas on top of tables, use miniature bales of hay as table/food tray decor, and definitely take advantage of cute animated farm animals. They can make cute wall hangings or even as photo booth props.


Farm-Filled Fun

(image credit: eBay)

Let guests have a bit of farm fun during the shower. You can set up a “tractor race” by outfitting children’s tricycles. Grown ups racing on tricycle tractors? Hilarious! Also, try games like “pin the tail on the cow”, or inviting guests to decorate blank onesies using only farm themed inspirations.


Farm Animal Cupcakes

(image credit: Pinterest)

This one is pretty self-explanatory and a definite must-have item. Cupcakes are super adorable to begin with, this much we know is true. But when you decorate cupcakes with cute baby farm animal faces, watch out! The oooohs and ahhhs will be deafening.


Give Away The Farm

(image credit: Pinterest)

(image credit: Beau-coup)

Yup, go ahead and give away the farm! Farm favors that is. Let guests take home a bit of the fun by way of a farm themed favor. We’re currently crushing on the idea of a personalized honey jar. Take your favorite jam, marmalade, or honey jar, and personalize with a custom label and finish with matching fabric and ribbon.




Anchors Away! Do You Have What It Takes To Host a Gorgeous Nautical Wedding?

July 11th by Samantha Chan

Easily incorporate the mellow vibes of the sea into your wedding by way of a nautical theme. The color scheme is fresh, the patterns are stream-lined, and the accessories are whimsical. Sounds like a “shore” thing to us!

Here’s how to achieve a nautical look:


(image credit clockwise from top left: Pinterest, Beau-coup, Beau-coup)

First and foremost, if you want to create a beautiful nautical dreamscape, you must start with décor as this is the first thing guests will notice. You can do this by incorporating nautical banners, sailboat tea light holders, and rope place card holders.


Food and drinks

(image credit: Style Me Pretty)

When it comes to nautical themed wedding food, we think you should go ahead and play with your food! Have fun with this theme by offering bite-sized fish and chips and sailboat inspired deviled eggs during cocktail hour. And definitely offer a gorgeous nautical cake to end the evening.

(image credit: Beau-coup)

A fun idea for drinks, is to serve up a signature cocktail in on-theme glassware. You can even personalize it for an added sentimental touch.



(image credit: Beau-coup)

(image credit: Beau-coup)

(image credit: Beau-coup)

There’s such creative freedom and fun when it comes to favors. So for a cheery theme like this one, take advantage of all the opportunities! Messages in a bottleship wheel magnetsanchor bottle stoppers. SO.MUCH.THEMED.FUN!



(image credit: Style Me Pretty)

When creating a radical nautical tablescape, we’re totally digging this example found on Style Me Pretty. The bold stripes of the tablecloth, the gold accented flatware, and the crisp flowers all come together to create this pristine nautical end result.


Crew Uniform

(image credit clockwise from top left: Dreamy Wedding Ideas, Style Me Pretty, Talia Events)

A.k.a. dresses and suits. What’s more nautical than navy blue?! It’s a gorgeous option for both bridesmaids dresses and men’s suit accessories. We also think this rope boutineare is an uber-cute added touch too!

For even more nautically inspiring ideas, visit our Nautical Pinterest board!

How To Create a Succulent Oasis Bridal Shower

July 9th by Samantha Chan

Girly-girl themed bridal showers not your thing? Then maybe it’s time to go green, succulent green that is!

(image credit: Make)

We’re totally digging this stylish wedding trend. With its lush colors, inspired shapes, and cool packaging options, we’re more than happy to incorporate this trend into any and all wedding celebrations. So for a hip, modern, and on-trend bride-to-be, a “Succulent Oasis” theme is the perfect decor that’s both elegant and pretty. She’ll love the look!



(image credit: Etsy)

For a truly delicious succulent oasis look, think beyond the live succulent. This trend is so hot right now, it’s easy to find succulent inspired everything! Throw pillows, check. Print art, check. Our point is, don’t be too rigid with your succulent requirements. Let your creativity roam free in this department.


Signature Drink

(image credit: Cheri Loughlin Photography)

While we don’t advise a succulent blended beverage, we DO however advise a succulent inspired looking drink! Try this fruity version for an on-theme option. The mint finish at the end pulls the flavors and succulent look together beautifully.



(image credit: Inspired By This)

Succulents come in all sizes. You can find them in miniature all the way to giant-sized. So take advantage of this opportunity to play with variety and create a unique succulent themed centerpiece. You can focus on one giant succulent, or have several small ones join together for a pretty finished piece. The world is your oyster (or succulent)!


Place Cards

(image credit: Wedding Lovely)

Try using small succulent filled containers with name cards as table place cards. They’re super adorable looking, on-theme, and guests will love taking something with their name on it home with them!


Cakes & Cupcakes

(image credit: Racked)

(image credit: Kupcake Spot)

Easily play up this trend by decorating cakes or cupcakes. You can use an actual succulent or succulent inspired decorations. Whatever you choose, it will be gorgeously delicious either way.


Warm-Up Bouquet

(image credit: Flickr)

Fashion a bouquet made of succulents for the bride-to-be. This “pre-show” bouquet is extremely on-theme and she’ll love practicing for the big day with a pretty and one-of-a-kind bouquet!


Activity Station

(image credit: Etsy)

Bridal shower games and activities can be extremely fun, especially when they’re succulent themed! Try having a terrarium station at the shower where guests are invited to create their very own succulent terrariums. It’s a fantastic bonding activity that’s sure to be fun for all.



(image credit: Fifty Flowers)

(image credit: Beau-coup)

Give guests a succulent of their own at the end of the shower. Simply “plant” a succulent into a pretty container, and voila! You’ll instantly have a gorgeous, easy-to-care for, and memorable favor. What more could the bride-to-be and her guests ask for?!

Oh So Pinteresting: June’s Top 10 Repins

July 8th by Sonal Khanna

Pop, fizz, clink! Apparently, you were in the mood for some bubbly last month Pinterest friends!

We’re back with a roundup of our top 10 most repinned images from June. Along with the bubbles, we saw plenty of travel themed wedding items that were also trending big time.

So it seems pretty obvious that you’re all dying to hop onto a jet plane and pop some champagne – just be sure to save us a seat!


(1) Adult only jello recipe with champagne & strawberries

(2) Brunch on with a fabulous Mimosa Bar!

(3) Groomsmen in green

(4) Summer Sangria

(5) World traveler wedding cake

(6) Tangerine sorbet champagne floats

(7) Be on trend with some craft beer on tap

(8) Vintage airmail favor box kit


(9) Dreamy beach sunset engagement shot

(10) Feyonce sweatshirt! A fun and cute way of announcing your engagement.

Inspired by these pins? Join us on PinterestInstagramFacebook, and Twitter for even more!

Introducing “Ask Alyssa”: Beau-coup Wedding Guest Advice Columnist

July 7th by Samantha Chan

Not sure who to invite? Do you HAVE to offer a vegetarian option? What number of bridesmaids are ideal?

Meet Alyssa, a Bay Area native living her dream as a wedding planner.

She’s a Principle Planner over at LVL Weddings & Events and with over four years wedding and event planning experience and a certificate in Wedding Planning, you could say (and we will!) that she’s a pro when it comes to creating a stress-free and love-packed wedded event.

We’re honored because for this week only, we’re collecting your hard-hitting wedding planning inquiries and submitting them to Alyssa for her bridal expertise! So hurry and submit your questions now as a lucky few will have their problems solved by our guest professional.

Here’s how to submit:

Click on this link. Submit your name and question and check back in next week to see if your question made the list. That’s it! Happy wedding planning everyone.