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The Beau-coup Wedding Blog

Say Yes to the Nontraditional Dress!

April 23rd by Samantha Chan

If the mere whisper of the words “wedding” and “dress” sends you into hiding, then perhaps it’s time to consider an alternative approach.

For many, a wedding dress wishlist evokes dreamy visions of silky, lacy, and beaded white gowns. But that’s not the case for all and luckily for the latter, there are some fantastic alternative wedding options available.

From pant suits, to wedding separates, to colored wedding dresses, there’s an alternative wedding dress out there just waiting for its nontraditional bride!

It’s a Pants Party

(image credit: J. Crew)

With this stunning lace jumpsuit, who needs a dress? It’s feminine, it’s fun, and it’s perfect for a stylishly nontraditional bride.


Go Ahead, Skirt The Issue

(image credit: Skirt Fixation)

We love the idea of mixing and matching a wedding “dress”. A wedding skirt like this one let’s you do just that!



(image credit: Wedding Inspirasi)

For the well-cultured and unconventional, consider a wedding kimono as an alternative option. Unless of course, you’re hosting a traditional Japanese ceremony. Then this would just be… traditional (for lack of a better word).


Business Casual Meets Wedding Chic

(image credit: Nasty Gal)

A blazer dress as a wedding dress? How cool and daring is this bridal look?!


Wedding Dress Transformer

(image credit: Bridal Musings)

If you’re traditional by day, and rebellious by night, then this transforming 2 in 1 dress is perfect for you! Simply remove the bottom to reveal a chic cocktail dress that’s reception ready.


And The Bride Wore Tuxedo

(image credit: BCBG)

Who says the groom gets all the fancy fun? If you love the sharp, clean, and well-fitting look of a tuxedo (who doesn’t really?) then this dress alternative is definitely for you!




Fun Earth Day Crafts & Activities For Kids and Adults!

April 21st by Samantha Chan

Happy Earth Day fellow Earth lovers! Got any special plans today? Well if you have a bit of spare time between planting trees and picking up litter, then give these fun Earth-centric crafts and activities a go! You and your kids are going to love them!

Scroll now to find bird feeders, Earth-shaped cookies, DIY wind chimes, homemade fossils, and so much more!  Together, let’s ring in Earth Day with fun activities to show our support and gratitude to Mother Earth.

Earth Cookies

(image credit: Tammilee Tips)

Earth is sure looking mighty tasty.


DIY Greenhouse

(image credit: Spoonful)

An economical and useful activity!


DIY Key Wind Chime

(image credit: Inner Child Giving)

A great way to re-purpose old keys!


Coffee Ground “Fossils”

(image credit: Spoonful)

Kids will love making shapes in these fossils and you’ll love the free decorations.


Seeded Bookmarks

(image credit: Spoonful)

Who knew these were so easy to make? Try adding pressed flowers for extra flair.


Earth Day Crayons

(image credit: In Lieu of Preschool)

A creative way to use up leftover crayons!


Cereal Box Magazine Holder

(image credit: Spoonful)

This is made from a leftover cereal box. Yes… we’re “cereal”.


Earth Cake

(image credit: By Stephanie Lynn)

Super cute as mini Earth cupcakes too!


Recycled Flowers

(image credit: No Time For Flash Cards)

An easy activity to keep the kids engaged while using up old newspapers.


Paper Mache Globe

(image credit: Spoonful)

A fun craft for anyone that wants to get their hands dirty.


Peanut Butter Bird Feeder

(image credit: Tinkerlab)

Easy to do and kind of delicious sounding (don’t judge us!).



Bet you didn’t think of these creative Easter basket ideas!

April 18th by Samantha Chan

Easter baskets are a definite must-have item for a sweet and splendid Easter celebration. They’re festive, decorative, and loved by all. But if you’re growing a bit weary of the “basic basket”, try getting a little creative this year!

(image credit clockwise from top left: Beau-coup, Martha Stewart, Organized Chaos, creatively christy, Martha Stewart, BHG, BHG, One Good Thing, Rhodes Quality)

See our list below for imaginative ways to assemble an inspired basket this Easter.

Fill with Homemade Treats

(image credit: Creative Savings)

This way, you control the sugar levels and ingredient contents. Plus, it’s budget friendly to boot!


Eat The Whole Darn Thing

(image credit: One Good Thing)

Or… go completely candy crazy and create a basket made entirely of edible treats.


Bunny Dip Basket

(image credit: Pizzazzerie)

This veggie bunny dip “basket” is just adorable (and delish)!


Tutu Inspired

(image credit: Organized Chaos)

A tutu inspired Easter basket? It’s just too, too cute!


Paint Can Basket

(image credit: Rhodes Quality)

This DIY paint can basket is perfect for filling up with treats or Easter eggs during an egg hunt!


The Un-Sugar High Basket

(image credit: creatively christy)

Easter baskets don’t have to be all about candy you know. We love this idea of creating a non-candy version that’s equally fun and festive!


All Felt Up

(image credit: BHG)

Easy DIY felt bunny bags to store candy, trinkets, and eggs!


DIY Totes

(image credit: BHG)

We’re loving the idea of an Easter basket tote. The above example is a printable version, or if you’re feeling a bit lazy… get our Beau-coup take out boxes below for an easy cheat.

(image credit: Beau-coup)


Bunny Envelopes


(image credit: Martha Stewart)

These bunny envelopes are super easy to make and perfect for storing treats!


Berry Easter Baskets

(image credit: Martha Stewart)

We are totally digging this DIY berry basket. It’s a fantastic way to reuse old strawberry baskets from the grocery store!

7 Creative Venues You May Have Never Considered For Hosting a Baby Shower

April 16th by Samantha Chan

Hosting a baby shower for an expectant mommy-to-be can be an extremely rewarding, joyous, and bonding experience. It can also prove to have its difficulties when it comes to choosing themes, party games (luckily we have that area covered with our ‘Top 20 Best Baby Shower Games‘), and venue location.

Today we tackle the latter. Choosing the right venue is not as simple as you may have expected – or at least had hoped it to be. Details such as distance, capacity, seating arrangements, food/catering capabilities must be thoughtfully considered. While hosting in your living room may be ideal, it may not work if you are a city dweller, have commuting guests, or have a large guest list. Here are some viable alternatives that prove cost efficient and good-times inducing!

1) At A Local Restaurant

When going this route, opt for restaurants with bigger/private backrooms, particularly if you intend on playing shower games. If your restaurant of choice does not offer a backroom, ask to make a reservation for a far back corner of the restaurant. This way, you’ll have a bit of privacy for games and activities.

With this option, you can check both venue and food off of your shower to-do-list!

2) At Your Community Center

Hosting a shower at your local community center is an economical solution when bouncing around venue options. The facilities are usually large enough to accommodate a larger party and with indoor and outdoor options, themes and activities can be tailored to your exact preferences.

3) At A Tea Room

Sipping tea from fine china, munching on finger sandwiches, and the mommy-to-be unwrapping prettily decorated gift boxes… this sweet and girly option is an ideal venue choice for an all-female guest list.

4) At A Hotel

Hosting at a hotel is a good option if you’re looking for convenience. You can rent a meeting room or actual hotel room to house your guests, decorations, food, and games. When the party is over, cleanup is easily taken care of by the hotel staff (just remember to tip)!

5) At A Home

If you’re reading this, then you’re likely considering venue options outside of your own home. This doesn’t mean that you have to take the possibility of hosting at any home off the table however. If your dwelling is too small or essentially unsuitable for hosting the event for whatever reason, reach out to close family members or friends of the expectant mother for housing options, or even the mom-to-be herself! Perhaps there is an excited guest that will be more than happy to volunteer hosting the event at her home!

6) At Your Church, Temple, or Synagogue

Local churches often have additional rooms where social events can be held. If you are an active member, check with your church’s administration regarding renting the space. There may or may not be a nominal fee/donation.

7) At The Park

Barring potential restroom, seating, and weather obstacles, a park – if well planned – can be a fun and creative venue for hosting a baby shower. It’s free, it’s spacious, and it’s ideal for grilling and picnicking!



How to throw a gorgeous barnyard wedding that’s both elegant and rustic

April 14th by Samantha Chan

A barnyard inspired wedding is a theme that’s here to stay. It’s been wildly popular for several years now and while there have been a few modern tweaks made here and there, the overarching theme itself remain strong.

(image credit: Pinterest)

This theme evokes feelings of coziness with its rustic, lived-in, and casual décor. But did you also know that this theme could simultaneously create an elegant, polished and modern feel? With a few simple additions, we’re going to take this already popular theme and dress it up for a look deserving enough of your wedded affair.

A Grand Entryway 

(image credit: Pinterest)

An easy way to dress up your barn wedding is to dress up the entryway, literally! Hang long and flowy fabric to create an elegantly elongated doorway.


Dramatic Ceilings

(image credit: Intimate Weddings)

An added bonus of hosting your wedding in a barn is the tall (sometimes very tall) ceilings. Take advantage of this space by drawing guests’ eyes up with dramatic ceiling decor. The right accessories will complement the wood of the barn while adding a touch of refinement to your wedding look.


Pristine Linens

(image credit: Pinterest)

An empty barn by itself can seem rather cold and stark. An easy solution is the inclusion of fabric to instantly add warmth to the environment. For a polished look however, only include pristine linens. The pressed and beautiful drape of quality linens add the perfect touch of modern elegance.


Decorative Accessories

(image credit: Beau-coup)

We love the idea of decorating a barn with these chalkboard balloons. The elegant and modern black color comes together with a personalized chalked message of your choice, making this decorative piece equal parts rustic and sleek. Sounds perfect for a charming barnyard themed wedding don’t you think?!

(image credit: Beau-coup)

Another must-have decorative accessory is this chalkboard frosted glass tea light holder. When sprinkled throughout the party, it will beautifully create a warmly lit and ambient environment.


Comfort Foods Get a Makeover

(image credit: Martha Stewart)

If you’re combining the ideas of barnyard casual with modern elegance, it would be fitting to translate this theme towards your wedding fare as well. Comfort foods scream casual, making it perfect for the barnyard aspect. But to add the right amount of fancy, simply change your perspective of serving size and presentation!


Get More, More, More! 

To get even more barnyard inspirations, check out this real barnyard wedding featured on our blog. Also, if you can’t get enough of the chalkboard accessories, get more here at our chalkboard trend pin board. It’s the perfect look to compliment any rustic and modern design.

Mustache Cookie Cutter: A Beau-coup Product Test

April 11th by Samantha Chan

I “mustache” you a question… do you love cookies? Do you love mustache shaped everything?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then you’re in luck! Read on you mustache cookie lover you.

I recently product tested Beau-coup’s “My Little Man” mustache cookie cutter. Now, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re fully aware of the mustache everything trend. So as a cookie loving, trendster myself, there’s nothing better than the idea of mustache shaped cookies.

To start, here’s my go-to sugar cookie recipe (adapted from All Recipes). This recipe is super simple with its short ingredient and instruction list. Oh, did we mention the most important part? It’s freaking delicious!


1 1/2 cups butter, softened

2 cups white sugar

4 eggs

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

5 cups all-purpose flour

2 teaspoons baking powder

1 teaspoon salt

Simple right?! This short list of ingredients will satisfy your need for preservative free, clean-tasting cookies. Next step, assemble!


1) In a large bowl, cream together butter and sugar until smooth. Beat in eggs and vanilla. Stir in the flour, baking powder, and salt. Cover, and chill dough for at least one hour (or overnight).

2) Preheat oven to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C). Roll out dough on floured surface 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick. Cut into shapes with any cookie cutter. Place cookies 1 inch apart on ungreased cookie sheets.

3) Bake 6 to 8 minutes in preheated oven. Cool completely.

Pro Tips:

  • If you have the option, a food processor will do great in lieu of a mixer! (It’s creates less of a splatterry mess)
  • Be sure to chill the dough thoroughly. The recipe calls for one hour minimum, but refrigerating overnight is a better bet
  • Do not roll out too thin. The high percentage of butter in this recipe makes the dough a bit flimsy, so be sure you have enough dough to work with

Product Test Findings:

Drumroll… Here’s where I tested the mustache cookie cutter. So, how did it hold up? The answer is beautifully! Once all the dough was rolled out, I used the cookie cutter to create almost 50 cookies! It was easy to handle, cuts each cookie evenly, and the stainless steel allowed for easy dough removal.

Time To Decorate

Now that the cookies are baked and you’re waiting for them to cool, it’s a good time to begin making the frosting.

Keeping in the theme of simple, this frosting has only two ingredients: powdered sugar and milk! That’s it! (Well and a dash of love from our “Whisked Away” heart whisks if you can…)

For this project, I wanted a frosting thick enough to create structured lines but runny enough to “flood” the middle properly. I whisked together 2 cups of powdered sugar to 3 tablespoons of 2% milk. Add food coloring (as much as needed for the desired color) at the end.

The baked results: Aren’t those little guys so cute!? Thanks little mustache cookie cutter!

When the cookies have cooled completely, begin your decorating. Start at the edges and work your way in. Line the border of the cookies and then when you begin flooding, use a skewer (a toothpick or chopstick will do fine too) to start dragging the puddles of frosting together. This method will create a flush and streak-free frosted look.

It can take about an hour for your now frosted cookies to fully dry. But the wait will be worth it because you’ll end with these little guys!

Can cookies be handsome? Because, that’s what they are… so handsome!

Have fun with your frosting colors. Here’s a blue frosted mustache cookie for example. (Confession, I totally polished this guy off – along with a few of his buddies – with a couple shots of milk from our shot glass votive holder and vintage milk jar.) Delish!

In conclusion, if you love cookies and mustache shaped everything, then this cookie cutter is a mustache must-have!

Happy Birthday Beau-coup!

April 8th by Samantha Chan

(image credit: Pictures New)

To our dearest Beau-coup friends and family, thank you so much for a fantastic 12 years. We couldn’t have made it to our preteens without your continued support for the last decade plus.

We’re optimistically looking forward to even more birthdays to come, and with that, many more opportunities to celebrate in all of your life events.

As a birthday gift to you (we know it’s OUR birthday, but… what the hey!), enjoy 20% off sitewide today. Just use code OURBDAY by Wednesday midnight PT.

10 Must-haves for a wildly fun bachelorette party!

April 7th by Samantha Chan

What happens at the bachelorette party, stays at the bachelorette party! That’s right ladies, this is the time to let your hair down and to party it up with the lady of the hour.

Whether you’re going to vegas, painting the town red, or having a raucous house party, you’re going to need party gear! Good thing we’ve got 10 must-have items for a perfectly wild and fun “What happens at the bachelorette party, stays at the bachelorette party” themed celebration!

Let’s get our priorities straight, a proper “What happens at the bachelorette party, stays at the bachelorette party” theme, requires fabulous drinkware.

1) Personalized 9 oz stemless wine glass

Personalized and on-theme bachelorette party stemless wine glasses are ideal for a wine country celebration. These stemless glasses fit beautifully in the palms of your hands and are perfect for on the go wine tasting, hopping from one winery to the next!

2) Personalized stadium cups

If your party crew is heading to a baseball game, outdoor event, or boating trip, these personalized stadium cups are your beverage gear go-tos. They are casual and sturdy enough to withstand whatever you have in store, while the pretty imprinting makes it a decorative bachelorette party accessory must-have.

3) Personalized pint glasses

Hand-crafted and artisinal beers are a fabulous up-and-coming trend and these personalized bachelorette pint glasses are the quintessential drinkware for a beer-boozy celebration.

4) Custom hand painted party girl stemware

Custom hand painted stemware are great for use during the bachelorette party, or as favors for the guests to take home with them as a memento of the fun event. We like the idea of filling them up at the party with fun party favors! (Which leads us to #5!)

5) Cocktail flavored jelly beans

Keep the energy level up at the bachelorette party with cocktail flavored jelly beans. Brightly colored and deliciously sweet, these jelly beans should be filled in equally fun and vibrant dishware. We recommend filling up the custom painted stemware with these jelly treats!

6) Martini glass with LED base

What’s a proper “What happens at the bachelorette party, stays at the bachelorette party” celebration without light up martini glasses?! These glowing glasses are just the ticket for an extraordinary bachelorette party.

7) Personalized lip balm

Let the guests leave the bachelorette party with a smile on their lips with a swipe from these personalized lip balms. They can double up as decoration during the celebration as well. Fill your choice of fun drinkware (maybe the light up martini glasses?!) with several lip balms and offer up to guests to take home or to use at the party!

8) Personalized shot glass votive holder

Personalized and on-theme bachelorette party shot glass votive holders do double duty. Ideal for taking shots from with the bachelorette or fill with a lit votive candle as decoration for the party.

 9) Imprinted vintage milk jars

No party is complete without favors for guests. Give them something to remember with these imprinted vintage milk jars. These adorably shaped milk jars give off a vintage vibe and can be filled with yummy treats or fun trinkets.

10) 1 carat diamond confetti

Speaking of fun trinkets… if you’re wondering “What should I put in those really cool looking vintage milk jars?”, then read on! These 1 carat sized diamond confettis just scream “I’m fabulous, please throw me!”. We like the idea of filling up the milk jars with this confetti and when ready, pull the cork top out and toss the confetti in the air! There’s nothing more festive than diamond sized confetti at a bachelorette party.

6 key items for hosting the perfect “He asked, she said yes!” engagement party

April 4th by Samantha Chan

A “He asked, she said yes!” theme is a fun and creative engagement party idea that the newly engaged couple and all of their guests will simply adore. It’s the perfect witty engagement announcement and with these 6 key items, it’s simple to pull off, and pretty to boot!

The Decorations

When decorating your venue with this theme, pull in these 2 key items: “He asked she said yes” imprinted mini glass mason jars and shot glass votive holders. Both display your theme in pretty pink cursive font, with a personalized note.

Fill the shot glasses with votive candles and line them along stairways or tables for a soft and romantic glow.

Depending on your colors, fill the mason jars with matching flower petals or candy for decoration. The colorful effect will coordinate beautifully with the rest of your décor.

The Refreshment Table

An engagement party is the perfect time to celebrate! So have your guests celebrate in style with these on-theme key items.

If you’re serving beer or a signature drink, serve them up in these “He asked she said yes” bridal stadium cups. This look is perfect for an outdoor/backyard engagement party or announcement.

For wine drinkers, the “He asked, she said yes” 9 oz. stemless glass is an ideal choice. Each glass is beautifully personalized and fits into guests’ palms.

Don’t forget about the napkins! If you’re hosting this theme, you’ll want to pay attention to the smallest details and that includes napkins. “He asked, she said yes” personalized bridal napkins go well with a buffet or cocktail style engagement party.

The Favors

Let guests take this theme home with them. Our last key item is the “He asked she said yes” imprinted vintage milk jar favors. These cute little guys are just waiting to be filled up with love! They are perfectly mini, personalized, and on-theme. We like the idea of filling them up with candies, sea salt, or infused olive oil!


Top 10 Creative Birthday Party Ideas For Adults

April 2nd by Samantha Chan

Birthday parties aren’t just for kids you know. Whether you’re celebrating 21, 30, 75 or anything in between, this post’s for you!

This year, celebrate with a fresh idea. Ditch the traditional birthday party scene for a more daring and out-of-the-box celebration. You and your guests are going to love the change in scenery.

Here’s our top 10!

1) Dave & Busters

Remember when you would go to Chuck E. Cheese’s for a birthday party? Remember how much FUN that was?! Relive those glory days (minus the scary human-sized singing animals) by having your next birthday party at a Dave & Busters. This bar/arcade/restaurant is an adult party paradise. Win tickets, play skee ball, drink beer. It’s your party, treat yourself!

2) Amusement park

If you’re interested in having a daytime event, invite guests to join you at your local amusement park. For the thrill seekers, there’s no better way to defy death than by screaming at the top of your lungs from a 10 story high rollercoaster drop!

3) Comedy Show

Not feeling particularly excited about another year? Try having a good laugh about it at a comedy club. If anything, it can serve as a good distraction.

For the braver souls however, see if you can make a reservation near the stage for you and your party. You’re bound to get a good heckling and if you’re the birthday boy/girl… watch out!

4) Be a Tourist

Use your birthday as a good excuse to finally check out those tourist traps that you’ve been putting off. Walk the bridge, tour the mansion, ride the ferry. Whatever the popular tourist attraction for your area, give it a try for a boldly different experience when compared to the typical at-home birthday dinner.

5) Jazz Club

As you age, you’re probably getting a little classier year by year. Well… while this may or may not be true, if you at least feel like classing things up, try hosting your party at a local jazz club. Can’t you just see it now, you and your friends sipping on manhattans while live jazz plays in the background? There’s nothing classier!

6) Culture Club

Now that you’re about to be (x amount) years old, it couldn’t hurt to interject a little culture into your repertoire could it? For those that seek a little culture for their big day, might we suggest a day/night at the museum?

A growing trend of museum night life is popping up throughout the country and would be the perfect scene for an adult (read cocktails) and highly cultured celebration.

7) Piano Bar

For the musically inclined, try having your next soiree at a piano bar. This option is entertaining and highly underestimated.  Themed piano bars exist throughout the country and with a little research, you can find dueling piano bars, cabaret piano bars, and sing-along piano bars. You may surprise yourself with what a fun and ruckus night out this ends up being!

8) Bowling

If you’re looking for a more casual birthday celebration, give bowling a try. It’s a fantastic group event that promotes mingling amongst otherwise shy guests. You can even turn this party into a competition by renting out multiple lanes.

9) Speakeasy

Don’t just go to any bar for your birthday… go to a speakeasy! This retro trend is popping up left and right and with good reason. At a speakeasy themed bar, you’re likely to find delicious mixed cocktails, beautiful interiors, and vintage-styled bartenders and servers. So if you’re looking for a creative spin on an otherwise typical bar-held birthday party, a speakeasy themed bar is a fantastic alternative.

10) Murder Mystery Dinner

The butler, in the kitchen, with the candlestick! No, this isn’t a night-in playing a game of clue in the living room. We’re suggesting hosting your upcoming birthday party at a murder mystery show! This interactive dinner/play is a great way to get guests interacting with one another and the actors. It’s a classic whodunit birthday party.

Hopefully this top 10 list gave you a few great options for creative birthday celebration venues and activities. But if you’re sticking with the tried and true, hosting a party night-in, then check out our post for party games for adults!