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Bridesmaid Beauty Secret

April 23rd by Winnie

I’ve always been against fake tans.  The streaky, orange look is so not cool.  But I had a beauty emergency on my hands!  One week before I was to be a bridesmaid in a strapless dress I got sunburn.  Who knew San Francisco would have a heat wave in April?!  My chest and shoulders were burned to a crisp leaving me with a hideous, scoop neck tan line. 

So my friend recommended I try the L’Oreal Sublime Bronze self-tanning spray.  I decided to give it a shot out of desperation and thank god it worked!  I had a nice even tan that wasn’t too dark and looked totally natural.     

L'Oreal Bronze Spray

It’s a mist-like spray so it coats evenly and very lightly.  I had to apply 3 separate times to get the coverage I wanted but this means you have more control over how much color you get.  I do have one warning, however.  If you’re burned like I was you’ll likely peel in a few days and when you do, the tan will peel right off, too.  So make sure you don’t have an important date lined up after the wedding!