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Eric’s Blog Emergency Poll: Honeymoon Destination Ideas

May 5th by Eric

I interrupt your usually scheduled blog (episode 8 – calling all caterers!) because I need some emergency honeymoon advice from all of you.  You see,  I was put in charge of researching possible honeymoon destinations and now I have just 2 months left to find something.  I have no clue where to go.  No solid ideas.  Nada.  Zilch.  I don’t even have my passport (I lost mine and have been slow on replacing it – I hope that if I apply this week it will arrive in time!)  

HELP! Does anyone out there have any suggestions for a honeymoon in mid July?  We want an exotic place that would allow us to relax (a beautiful sandy beach where you can order drinks and the water is warm and the sharks don’t bite) but also would provide some adventure options (hiking through a jungle would be cool or up to a volcano?  Snorkeling.  Good local flavor and restaurants would be ideal).

While we don’t have a huge budget, we really want to have at least a portion of our trip feel luxurious.  Possible places we have considered are the Caribbean (St. Lucia in particular) but isn’t July Hurricane season?  Hawaii (but which Island?- and is it too hot  there in July)?  Or even Mexico (or is that too risky with the whole Swine Flu scare)?

St. Lucia, Bahamas

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated and remember to check back here next week for my blog about caterers!

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23 Responses to Eric’s Blog Emergency Poll: Honeymoon Destination Ideas

  1. Amy

    Little Dix Bay in Virgin Gorda, BVI. All of the above…best food, small island to explore, other islands a ferry ride away to explore, gorgeous water, smaller hotel, Rosewood hotel, amazing spa and FOOD! Loved every moment. Email if you have any questions.

    Mexico…Maroma Resort in Riveria Maya. Great location, voted best beach, celeb hangout ;) , amazing service, great location.

  2. Bernadette

    We’re getting married July 3 in Boston and had the same criteria as you, and settled on Aruba b/c it’s out of the hurricane belt and is generally breezier year-round than the other islands (therefore not as humid). Airfare was about $400pp and we booked at the Amsterdam Manor Resort, http://www.amsterdammanor.com – seems like a fairly quiet, small, chill place, but still very nice. Great reviews on TripAdvisor. We’ll snorkel, horseback ride, bike and drink lots of fruity cocktails. No volcano, sadly, or rainforest, but it was pretty much the only option we found that met our criteria.

    Good luck!

  3. Tara

    We were in Greece for our honeymoon two years ago in July! It was warm, sunny, lots of beaches, but also lots of places to explore and hike. We went to Athens, Mykonos and Santorini–all are highly recommended!!

  4. karen

    Ugh, you’re getting married after me and still 2 steps ahead. We plan on doing a honeymoon a couple months after the wedding. That way we have something to look forward to, have one less thing to stress about and will likely be able to take advantage of non-peak season deals.

    Our wedding is in June…it’s so crazy now. We both know it’s way too late to elope. Sigh.

  5. Sara Gray

    With no passport, looks like you might be staying domestic. In July, I’d recommend Northern California – Big Sur is stunning, luxurious and will be warm that time of year. Check out the Post Ranch Inn at Big Sur: http://www.postranchinn.com/index.shtml?chebs=gl_post

    You could also go to San Francisco, where you’ll be able to appreciate the water from a distance but also have some culture and exciting city life.

    Just my two cents! I wish I could plan my honeymoon all over again!

  6. Heimata

    After reading what you are looking to do during your honeymoon, I think I have the perfect place for you, and I bet Judy would agree. Tahiti(French Polynesia) is defenetly the place for you. Go to the islands of Moorea and Bora Bora if you want, but Moorea is the best. Its got it all, even the sharks that don’t bite. Beautiful white sand beaches, Maitais, the drinks with the ubrella on it, Overwater bungalows where u can dive off and snorkel, then swim back to your room and enjoy an nice bottle of wine or champagne, forest hikes, safaris, Motu picnics on private little islands, lots of delicious fresh fish and foods, etc… During July to Septemebr is the coolest part of the year and very beautiful not to hot. There are some gret deals right now, especialy with the economic crunsh, lots of good bargens.
    Well I hope this was helpful.

  7. julianne smith

    thailand! (and i’m not just saying that b/c i went there on my honeymoon and had an amazing time) the only problem is that you’d have to get the passport thing worked out. thailand has everything you wants – beaches, exotic, lots to do (or not) and cheap!

  8. Monika

    How about a cruise in Hawaii. It gives you the option to see a little bit of all the islands. You can see the volcano and climb the road to Hana, you can tour through the jungle… it’s got it all. Your food and room and board are taken care of and you get to enjoy everything. Norwegian cruise lines does the cruising.

    Have fun….

  9. Joel Flory

    Eric, my wife and I honeymooned at Verana which is in Yelapa Mexico which is about 1 hour south of Puerto Vallarta. I just did a blog post about it here: http://blog.joelflory.com/says/travel/verana.html

    Trust me this is the best place for a honeymoon ever and the price can’t be beat.

    Feel free to email me with any specific questions.

  10. Polly

    I vote Hawaii! I know everyone goes to Hawaii but there’s a reason! It’s just a 5 hour flight and the people there are so friendly and relaxed. There’s also plenty to do – esp. if you want to go up a volcano and go snorkeling. We were there last August and the weather was nice. It rained a few days but it wasn’t super hot. My husband went there for our honeymoon – we went to Lanai and the Big Island but I would actually recommend Maui. Maui is beautiful, has amazing beaches and great food! Good luck!

  11. Audra

    Tow of my best friends got married last august and they went to Jamaica for their honeymoon… They absolutely LOVED it! They stayed at one of the Sandals resorts and just from the pictures it looks like everything you’d want and more. –Good luck!

  12. Silvia

    I vote for Costa Rica. It’s known amongst outdoor and adventure fanatics as a great place for all kinds of activities. When I was there, we went ziplining and surfing, which was incredible! They also have volcano hikes, wildlife preserves, tropical jungles, snorkeling. I actually went in July and the weather was incredible! It was warm, but it also rained occasionally, and it was the perfect way to cool off. They have plenty of luxury resorts there, especially on the pacific side by tamarindo, and everybody is incredibly friendly and laid back. Also, if you you can’t get the passport thing worked out, then I definitely agree with heading over to the west coast and visiting California, but maybe I’m biased! Good luck and I’m sure wherever you go will be perfect!

  13. Fawn Thomas

    Hi Eric:

    When planning your honeymoon it is especially important not to feel stressed out while doing so… wedding planning can be stressful enough.

    With your not having a Passport in hand but sounding very much like you would like to confirm your honeymoon soon I would suggest focusing your energy on somewhere you know you can go righ now, so if all of the forces do not align properly you will still be going on a honeymoon.

    You have gotten some wonderful suggestions.

    I would say go for Hawaii, probably either Maui or Kaui or depending on your budget and how much time you can be away you may want to go to more than one island. There are fantastic deals, the best I have seen in many years. You can get free nights, upgrades, breakfast, car rentals and honeymoon packages included.

    I would go to the nicest resort your budget allows and be really spoiled ~ you deserve it after planning a wedding.

    Congratulations and Good Luck!

  14. Eric

    This has been amazingly helpful! Also, I think I am going to be able to expedite my passport – so I am not expecting that to be a problem anymore. Please keep the advice coming!

  15. Liz

    Eric – All of the places mentioned are fabulous, but one important part of your criteria seemed to have overlooked – for the most part.
    Your budget! Unless you consider a couple thousand each a “budget” honeymoon – keep readin’.
    I just got back from my budget honeymoon research trip to Negril, Jamaica, and couldn’t have been more thrilled with my findings!
    Not only is it truly paradise – but we spent 6 days there for under $500 each. Hotel and airfare. (I’m serious.) We did NOT do an all inclusive resort which would have been more expensive, but we sought out local bars and restaurants and had an amazing time. My favorite lunch the whole trip was under $3.50 :) !
    I plan to blog soon about each day there, and give a detailed price breakdown. I will also talk about the more luxurious all inclusives that are having huge sales right now. (How about a regularly $300 a night room for $99!)
    Good luck with your research and check my blog in a few days for the price details! (And lots of pics!)

  16. Judy

    Santorini in Greece would be my top choice for its combination of beautiful beaches, interesting culture and delicious food. Those postcard perfect white buildings are just as amazing in real life! I also think you’d love Ste Lucia, the British Virgin Islands, and Antigua if the Caribbean is easier. And, I agree with Heimata… Moorea (and Cook’s Bay) is amazing. Good luck! You and Faye will have an awesome time no matter where you go.

  17. Abena

    Definitely go to St.Lucia!! And I’m not just saying that because I’m from there :) St.Lucia has everything you described – - volcanoes to explore, Sulfur Springs and Diamond Falls for mineral baths, forests, exotic beaches, and tons of water activities. Antigua (my other home lol) is also very beautiful. A pretty small island but some of the best beaches in the Caribbean. Don’t let the hurricanes scare you (July is pretty early in the season, they usually pick up in August). Of course you can’t predict the weather but don’t let hurricanes be the reason you decided against the Caribbean.

  18. Pahana Kirit

    I would suggest St. kitts. It’s tropical, friendly and friendly on the budget. For something a little different, go to Chile or Argentina. It will be winter in South America but they both span a large enough area that you can choose whether you want sun or snow or both.

  19. Jessica

    I would definitely suggest Hawaii, we are going to Hawaii for our honeymoon this August and were there the end of July about three years ago. It is hot but, it makes for wonderful beach and pool weather. You are on the water so there are nice breezes. There is tons to do. Volcano hiking, snorkling, amazing food and restaurants, parasailing, art galleries… there is a bit of everything! I suggest Maui, I have been there twice already and can’t wait to get back there in a couple of months!!!

  20. Dana

    A little off the beaten path, but we’re doing Iceland. I know it’s not the beachy things you’re thinking, but think about it:

    1. Instead of beaches, you get natural hot springs – how romantic! And the water doesn’t get much warmer than that. Plus, hot springs have natural therapeutic abilities, which will be great post-wedding stress relief.
    2. How much more offbeat can you get? Everyone I know is jealous that we’re trying for Iceland for our honeymoon.
    3. The possibilities for adventure are amazing. One of the excursions you can sign up for through Icelandair is a snowmobile ride across a glacier. How cool is that? And there’s horseback riding, all sorts of other outdoor activities.

    So… my vote goes to Iceland! July is part of the peak-tourist season, so I’m assuming that means the weather is great. Plus, there are many festivals and stuff in the summer months.

    Good luck with your decision!

  21. Dana

    Oh – and in case you want to see what we’re planning, here’s our honeymoon registry page on Honeyfund: http://www.honeyfund.com/wedding/danasean

  22. Eric

    Fearless readers! Have any of you ever been to Costa Rica in July? I know it’s the rainy season – is that too risky for a honeymoon? I have fallen in love with Manuel Antonio (that’s the name of a National Park in Costa Rica – so don’t worry, I haven’t left Faye for some guy named Manuel…)

  23. Jackie

    Eric, I stumbled upon your blog while reading a story about a Honeymoon competition. If you contact the Kamalame Cay sales team on 1 (800) 790 7971 and mention my name, then I will make sure you receive a substantial discount on our usual rates.

    If you are serious about adventure, then we are about to open another property, http://www.kanopihouse.com check the place out and whichever location you are interested in, I will make sure you & your Bride are taken care of.

    In July it will rain most days in Jamaica, however, when your suite is a treehouse in a rainforest, I am sure you will not be bored.