Sports Themed Party Ideas

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Celebrate birthdays and special occasions with a fun sports-themed party. Planning is easy when you've got the right tools and site that gives you great and easy ideas to organize a party. Whether it's for you or for someone special, preparing for a sports-themed party needs some time.

Before anything else, you need to make sure that you know what sport the celebrant is into. It's easier to get a theme going if you can be more specific. And after you've decided or know the person's favorite sport, then it's time to get down to the details.


Invites are always the first detail that should be taken care of. Some go without it, but ultimately invitations serve as a reminder to the invitees as well as make a great souvenir item. For invitations, it would make more impact if you send a football, soccer, or baseball bat-shaped invite. This way your guests will immediately know the theme of the party. You can also give "ticket" invitations like those you would buy to watch a game. Along with the invites you can also ask your guests to dress up with a sports-themed outfit.


Pennants are perfect decorations for your sports-themed event. Cut colored paper into pennant shapes and paste team logos on them. Punch holes in the top corners of the pennant and string a ribbon through them. Stick them on your walls or hang it fiesta-style from the ceiling for a more festive look.

Another way to decorate for a sports-themed party is to print a large size image of a famous player (of the sport you or the celebrant chose) and add a speech bubble welcoming guests to the party. Stick it by the door or have it as a standee where guests can stand beside it and have a fun photo op with it.

As a really fun party decoration, have a customized jersey made for the celebrant. Then, ask the guests to sign the jersey and have it framed. It's the perfect gift for the sports lover, as well as a great way to remember all those who attended the celebrations.

You can also give your guests sports themed party favors which can serve as decorations as well as souvenirs for guests to take home.

Balloons always add a festive touch to any celebration particularly if you're having a kid's birthday party. To make it fit into your sports theme, buy those in the shape of a ball or have an image of a sports item.


There's always fun ways to present your snacks and drinks to fit your sports-themed party. Serve drinks in cups with a sports design. Or cool a case of beer and soda in a goal post cooler or bucket. Color your punches with the team color using food dyes.

Have a specially made cake with a sports-themed design. Instead of the usual candy flowers, decorate it with mini pennant banners on a toothpick. Put on some toy versions of a football, soccer ball, basketball, tennis racket, or whatever sport your party is based on.

To make it feel like a sports event, serve some hotdogs, nachos, and popcorn.

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