Planning a Bridal Shower

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One of the responsibilities of the maid of honor and bridesmaids is to plan a bridal shower. A bridal shower can be a tame, elegant daytime affair where female friends and family convene to congratulate the bride on her upcoming nuptials and shower her with gifts to use on the wedding night and throughout her marriage or it can be a bit more laid back and amusing if it is meant to take the place of a bachelorette party. Some bridal showers are even co-ed and are more of a couple's shower. Depending on the mood of the event, your planning might take a number of directions.

When you shop for bridal shower decorations, consider the mood of the event as well as the theme. Personalized bridal shower decorations are a great way to make the shower a unique event that celebrates the bride-to-be. You can get personalized napkins, cups, even table runners. If you're hosting an outdoor or garden-inspired event, butterfly and dragonfly place card holders would make a great accent to your table decorations. Flip flop coasters and mini metal sailboats are great for a beach inspired shower. You can also go with a diamond theme for a classy and elegant feel. Diamond paperweights surrounding some colorful flowers arranged within a glass vase would be perfect for this theme. You could even host a spa themed bridal shower, especially if your guest list is small and indulge in relaxing spa treatments at home or at a nearby salon.

Don't forget to set up a nice buffet for your guests to indulge in a delicious meal. If you're health conscious, a salad and fruit buffet would make a refreshing treat. You could also have your guests make their own mini pizzas or tacos, or set up a pasta bar. For dessert, be sure to set up a variety of goodies including ice cream with several kinds of toppings or cupcakes and other desserts such as brownies or lemon bars. Remember to plan to have various bridal shower games or ice breakers if your guests don't know each other including bridal trivia or even fortune telling.

Since the bridal shower usually sets the tone for the rest of the wedding events, make sure to leave your guests with something to remember the day's events. Some heart shaped tea infusers would make the perfect bridal shower favors for a tea party themed event. Mini ice cream scoop favors would be great for a summer ice cream social, and consider some personalized bath salts for a spa party. You could even use the party favors within your decorations as great place card holders or even as a centerpiece on the tables. Be sure to personalize your items with some colorful ribbon and a favor tag. You could also package them in little favor boxes or a chic favor bag to make the presentation of your gifts even better. With unique bridal shower favors, your guests are sure to remember this bridal shower for long afterward.

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