Pregnant and engaged: What will the showers bring?
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: PATRIOTIC2

Pregnant and engaged: What will the showers bring?

Most women who marry and have kids get a bridal and a baby shower, but things aren't always so simple. Each year, countless beaming ladies walk down the aisle with a sizeable baby bump beneath their gowns, and while friends and family couldn't have asked for a happier moment than this double serving of pride and joy, not all of us know what to do in terms of baby showers, bridal showers and wedding registries.

Do you plan both? What kinds of gifts are acceptable to bring to the wedding? Is the focus here more on the baby or the marriage? Everything's likely to be a bit more confusing, but with the right amount of foresight, you can balance all these variables for a rather memorable occasion (or two).

Of course, planning separate baby and bridal showers is perfectly acceptable - some may even have the baby shower and leave the bridal gifts for the wedding registry. Or, you can have both in one. Lest guests be confused about what to bring, send half of your friends baby shower invitations and the other half bridal shower invitations. You can still make note that this is a twofer, but your guests will probably appreciate being told to bring one kind of gift versus the other.

As for favors, look for more generic items that would work equally well for a baby or a bridal shower. Guests will love personalized lip balm favors or whole leaf tea sachet favors, no matter what the occasion.


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