Kid-friendly wedding shower secrets
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: PATRIOTIC2

Kid-friendly wedding shower secrets

A wedding is an extremely exciting time in the life of any young couple, and is a special day used to celebrate love with family members and friends. Unfortunately, these formal occasions are not always as kid friendly as brides would like them to be. If you have extremely young children in your family, it might be difficult to include them in the wedding day activities without compromising the vision you have for your event.

Fortunately, there are ways to include kids in other wedding-related events. Hosting a kid-friendly bridal shower gives you an opportunity to celebrate with the children in your family, without changing your wedding plans overall. If you're looking to incorporate kids into your shower celebration, there are some tricks that can to make it a better experience for guests of all ages.

When selecting the food that will be served at your shower, make sure to look towards simple items that will keep little ones happy, like finger sandwiches and classic American favorites. Everyone loves dessert and children are no exception. Set up a huge table of treats and sweets to keep kids entertained throughout meal time. Include a wide selection of your favorites, alongside classics like jelly beans and personalized Hershey's kisses. Hide sweet messages inside personalized fortune cookies for a surprise that will be loved by all.

Think of the little ones when planning the games that will be played at your event. Child-friendly activities, like bridal shower bingo, can be fun for adults too. Encourage guests of all ages to get involved in each game to foster a sense of community within your family members and friends. You might be surprised at how much fun everyone will have at your kid-friendly shower!


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