Yes, Halloween parties are for adults, too
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: WEEKEND2

Yes, Halloween parties are for adults, too

Children and college kids aren't the only ones that can have a good time during Halloween. Believe it or not, those over the age of 25 often make for some of the hippest and hardest party-goers on All Hallow's Eve. Are you and your friends looking to let your hair down and have a ball on one of the spookiest evenings of the year? If so, roll up the carpet, and get ready for a rockin' night.

The least of your worries should be the drinks, but you should figure out if it's a bring-your-own-alcohol party or if you'll be supplying liquor. The days of charging a cover for your party is over, so don't even think about it.

Engage the fall and Halloween spirit by adding phrases and pictures to your customized stemless wine glasses. Then top it off by plugging those wine bottles with fall leaf stoppers.

Put out mini martini glasses for those mixed drinks. First of all, they're elegant and cute. Secondly, they're mini, which at least helps temper everyone's drinking.

Next, try to brainstorm some seriously fun adult Halloween games for your shindig. If you have a wide variety of people invited to the affair, activities such as bobbing for apples and a spooky scavenger hunt may be your best bet. Of course, don't forget about the staple best costume contest!

Adults aren't as into candy as children, so for a party such as this, you may be better served – rather, a better server – if you offer Halloween dipped fortune cookies. And for those who just can't resist the temptations of the holiday, get some personalized fall cookies and lay 'em out on the spread.

Halloween is an exciting time for people of all ages. From the costume preparation, to the candy consumption, to the themed parties, there's no doubt that everyone will have a fun time at your party. If Halloween falls on a weekday, schedule your event the weekend before October 31. That way, you can guarantee more people will show up. If Halloween is on a weekend, if possible, try to schedule around other friends' parties or prior engagements. 

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