DIY Resource Guide for All Occasions
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: FEBRUARY3

DIY Resource Guide for All Occasions

Making your own do-it-yourself projects is a great way to come up with gifts for holidays or other occasions. You can even put your DIY skills to work when planning a party and making favors for guests. Whether you're decorating your home or bedroom, making party decorations, or creating one-of-a-kind gifts for friends and family, you might be surprised at the things you can create with a little imagination and a few materials. You may discover new skills as you work on DIY projects, too.

Do-it-Yourself Projects

Explore a multitude of home projects, such as homemade slime and items to make out of empty wine bottles.

Handmade Charlotte

Projects on this website include edible treats, holiday-themed activities, and kids' toys.

DIY Driftwood

This website offers a wealth of suggestions and hints for working with driftwood to create do-it-yourself projects.

DIY Projects

Peruse the projects listed on this website, including making a hammock out of duct tape.

Setting up a Basic DIY Toolkit

If you're going to work on do-it-yourself projects, you'll need tools in your toolbox, such as a hammer, screwdrivers, and a tape measure.

Improve Your Home: 30 Weekend Projects

Many projects around the home are do-it-yourself projects. You could add new lighting to a kitchen or office space.

20 Insanely Easy 60-Minute Home Improvements

Some simple home improvement projects include replacing a faucet or building a raised garden.

100 DIY Upgrades for Under $100

Home improvement upgrades don't have to be expensive and extensive. Add hooks to a wall or remove doors from cabinets to make open shelves.

DIY Home Improvement Projects

Improve the look and feel of a home with simple projects such as installing a ceiling fan or switching out a shower head.

Do-it-Yourself Ideas (PDF)

Make homemade cards to send to people or to sell as a fundraiser.

Do-it-Yourself Landscape Ideas (PDF)

Use bricks to build a fire pit for the backyard. Fire pits can be a variety of sizes and shapes to fit your space.

Homemade Gift Ideas

Making homemade gifts like bath salts or a tied fleece blanket is often more personal.

50 DIY Gift Ideas

Buy plain coffee cups and embellish them with markers, or paint or sew mittens out of an old sweater.

Stackable Shelves Woodworking Project (PDF)

This modular stacking shelf can be made out of any type of veneer plywood.

How to Make a Two-Board Backyard Lounger

You'll just need two boards, a circular saw, and a drill to make this comfortable lounging chair for the backyard.

Learn How to Build a Painting Bench

This simple and inexpensive project can be finished in just a few hours, and you'll have a useful bench to use for other DIY projects.

Mantle Light

Build an attractive mantle light out of an old wood pallet, then place this light over a fireplace.

No-Miter Picture Frame (video)

Mitered corners are not necessary for this simple yet beautiful picture frame project.

Turn an Eccentric Pedestal Bowl

Learn the craft of eccentric wood-turning to make a beautiful wooden pedestal bowl for serving candies.

Recycled Junk Wind Chime

Don't throw away old beads and charms from jewelry when you can use them to make a distinctive wind chime for the backyard.

Creative Uses for Scraps

Off-cuts are those small pieces of wood that are left over when you cut a piece of wood to size for a project. Use your off-cuts for these creative projects.

DIY Garden License Plate Dragonfly

Use old license plates to make a metal dragonfly for your backyard garden.

DIY Projects (PDF)

Learning how to upcycle old items to make them into new things can be both useful and fun.

Ear Bud Folder (PDF)

This simple project will give you a safe and handy place to store your ear buds to keep them near when you need them.

Shampoo Bottle Desk Organizer (PDF)

Save your empty shampoo bottles and you can turn them into a useful desk organizer.

Ladder Shelf Ideas

Bring that old wooden stepladder in from the garage to use in beautiful ways, such as a plant shelf.

25 Ways to Upcycle Your Old Stuff

Look around your house for new ways you can use things such as an old porch railing or old window shutters.

Make a Bedside Table From a Suitcase

A vintage suitcase from the attic might be the perfect thing for creating an upcycled bedside table.

11 Creative Projects From Old Windows

Scavenge flea markets to find old windows for DIY projects such as a kitchen chalkboard or a mantle frame.

Easy DIY Projects for the Weekend Warrior

These projects shouldn't take you more than a day or two to complete, and they can brighten up your living space.

21 Creative DIY Upcycle Projects

Use an old set of silverware to make a striking mirror for the dining room, or repurpose an old belt to make new cuff bracelets.

Repurposed Vintage Doorknob

This project involves turning an old doorknob over so it becomes a holder for family photographs.

Drawer Knob Makeover Ideas

Breathe new life into an old dresser or cupboard by replacing the drawer knobs with innovative items such as champagne corks, rocks, or wooden spools.

13 License Plate Upcycling Ideas

Make magnets for the refrigerator by cutting apart vintage license plates and gluing magnets to the backs of them.

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