Bath-time Ducky Baby Shower

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Description: This theme is related to the Time of Day, but it focuses on bath-time! This theme would be great for a summer-time pool party.

Decorations: The decorations should include lots of rubber duckies, fish, and bath-time toys. If you're hosting the party outside, be sure to have plenty of beach-balls, floatation devices, and lots of blue and yellow. Set up some bubble makers on the side to create that bath-time look, and of course have some bubble wands and lots of soapy water ready in case any of the guests want to get in on the action.

Guest's Attire: Tell your guests to come dressed for bath-time in their favorite bathing suit, bathrobe, and to bring their favorite bath-toy.

Refreshments: The refreshments should consist of pool party foods. You should have a spread of chips, vegetables, fruits, and various dips. For the drinks, have something bubbly such as mini sparkling cider bottles.

Games and Entertainment: Have a water-themed relay race by having guests Tinkle in the Pot with water balloons and then bathing baby dolls.

Favors: Give each guest their own tube of bubbles and bath ducky candles to enjoy long after the party and custom rubber ducky cookies to enjoy as they dry off.

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