Lucky in Love?

It’s the Fourth of July. I just baked a blueberry pie and am getting ready to head to a friend’s barbeque. But an estimated 37,000 couples will not have the luxury of celebrating the Fourth this year with a leisurely BBQ and watching fireworks. This Saturday will be 7/7/07, the most popular wedding date in history! Couples all over the world vied for this lucky date. Vendors and venues are booked solid, we sold more personalized wedding favors with the 7/7/07 inscription than I can count and I bet the only destination more popular this weekend than a wedding is a casino. The number of weddings planned for this Saturday is 3 times as many as the number for this particular weekend in previous years. Good luck to all those couples…not that they need it.

Next year we’ll have 8/8/08 and you can bet money that by now wedding venues and vendors are already similarly booked. The number 8 is a lucky in many Asian cultures so if you have Asian friends, you’re probably likely to receive at least one invitation to a wedding banquet on August 8, 2008. If you’re hoping to be an 8/8/08 bride, you’d better get on it now! There will be stiff competition out there and you don’t want to be left with the last choice of everything.