Tips And Tricks For Pretty Cake Decorations | #NationalCakeDecoratingDay

October 15th is National Cake Decorating Day! Have you ever noticed how some cakes are more of a work of art than anything else? Well with the right guidance you can become a cake artist yourself! And to inspire you to improve your cake decorating skills, we are sharing some incredibly helpful information that we found over at U-Create and Wilton. Keep reading to discover their guides to how much cake to bake, and how to create the perfect icing colors. You’ll also find a collection of some of our favorite cakes and which piping tip was used to create each look! Also, don’t forget to share how you’re celebrating National Cake Decorating Day by tagging #NationalCakeDecoratingDay and #beaucoupfavors!

First things first -how much cake will you need? U-Create’s easy guide will help you decide how big of a cake you should make. It starts with how many people you plan on serving.


Next is deciding what color frosting you want to use on your cake. This guide teaches you how many drops of either red, blue, green, or yellow to mix together with white frosting to create a custom color!

Now let’s take a look at these 8  icing tips and see what designs they create.

1. Basketweave Tip: creates ribbed, wide, “woven” designs. 

(image credit: Sugarywinzy)

2. Drop Flower Piping Tip: easy “one squeeze” flowers. 

(image credit: Wilton)

3. Leaf Piping Tip: the v-shaped opening gives each leaf a point. Perfect for floral designs. 

(image credit: Bakedecoratecelebrate)

4. Multi-Opening Piping Tip: creates rows and clusters. Perfect for fur,  hair, and grass. 

(image credit: Handmadecharlotte)

5. Rose Piping Tip: wide on one end, narrow on the other. Perfect for creating flower petals. 

(image credit: Thegirlinspired)

6. Round Piping Tip: perfect for outlining, writing messages, beading, and lacework. 

(image credit: Foodandwine)

7. Ruffle Piping Tip: the teardrop-shaped opening is perfect for ruffles, ribbon, bows, and streamers. 

(image credit: Modwedding)

8. Star Piping Tip: contains deep grooves perfect for stars, shells, and flowers. 

star tip

(image credit: Craftsy)

Do you have any cake decorating tips you would like to share with us? Please feel free to let us know with a comment!