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Chalk and Salt Art Jar

Arts & crafts lovers, and DIY mavens
Baby shower keepsakes, favors, and place card holder
Because it's so much fun to make!
Time: 10 minutes per favor per favor
Personalized Vintage Milk Favor Jars
Colored Chalk Salt
Place Card
Paper (8.5"x11")
Paper Puncher
Wire Cutter
  1. Fill several small bowls with salt.
  2. "Stir" the chalk in the salt (a different color in each bowl) until the salt is the color you desire.
  3. Use a piece of paper to create a funnel, and use it to pour colored salt into the milk favor jar, alternating colors as you fill up the bottle.
  4. Cut wire into 2" length and create a loop
  5. Seal jar with cork
  6. Place wire loop into the cork, and attach a place card or name card to the loop
Measure out the amount of salt you'll need to fill all of your bottles, and divide evenly into the number of bowls you have so you can prepare enough salt for the entire project. This can be done in advance.