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Continuous Print Ribbon vs. Per Piece Ribbon

Personalized ribbons add a special touch to your favors and gifts along with making your event memorable. A favor box or a favor bag tied with a personalized printed ribbon creates a lasting impression. Not sure about which type of ribbon to use? Watch this video to learn the difference between continuous print ribbon and per piece ribbon.

Difference between Continuous Print Ribbon and Per Piece Ribbon

Using ribbon to personalize your favors is the perfect way to add that special touch to your event. At Beau-coup, we have many different styles to choose from, so today I'll be talking about the difference between continuous and per piece ribbon.

How to assemble a favor box

They are both personalized, but the difference is continuous print ribbon has your personalized text printed every 2-3 inches throughout the whole roll. It is perfect for tying onto large and awkward shaped items. This ribbon is perfect when tied on mini take out boxes or 3 inch square favor boxes.

Per piece ribbon has your personalized text printed only on the ends or "tails" of the ribbon. This is prefect when tying onto smaller items. You can choose exactly how long you want each piece to fit your favor. This ribbon looks perfect when tied on our silver mini pails, embossed favor bags with handles, or favor cones.

Our ribbon is available in my different ribbon and font colors so you're sure to find just the right combination to make your favors pop. And now that you know the difference between these two ribbon styles, you're on your way to making your event the one everyone will remember. Check out the packaging section on our website for more awesome ideas.