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Dressed Up Clear Favor Boxes

Hostesses with a taste for sweets
Chic birthday parties, dessert themed events
It's an inexpensive but elegant way to present any edible favor
Time: 2 minutes per favor
Patterned Paper
Double-sided Tape
Bonefolder (creaser)
  1. Assemble favor boxes
  2. Cut patterned paper into 2" x 4"
  3. Using the ruler and bonefolder, make a crease at the center of the paper at the 2" mark
  4. Fold the paper at the crease and use the double-sided tape to adhere it to the inside of the favor box (pattern face-up)
  5. Place favors inside
  6. Cut ribbon into 26" lengths
  7. Wrap the ribbon around the box (see video for a helpful tip on tying ribbon)
How to Tie the Perfect Bow with a Ribbon
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How to Tie the Perfect Bow with a Ribbon
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