Extraordinary Wedding Bouquets
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: SNOWING3

Extraordinary Wedding Bouquets

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Seasonal flowers are a fantastic option for any wedding. They are widely available, which means they will be less expensive than flowers that are grown out of season. Flowers and plants with heavier, waxier leaves hold up particularly well in the summertime. Try to avoid delicate flowers for spring and summer weddings because they wilt so quickly in the heat.

Hyacinth is gorgeous seasonal flower. Though it is predominantly a spring flower, it is available until early summer, and it smells heavenly. Another summertime flower is the hydrangea, Available in shades of blues, whites, and pinks, they are not expensive and take up a lot of space. A small number can go a long way! They hold up particularly well to heat, and are perfect for a sumptuous bouquet or centerpiece.

The world's unsung hero in the summer is the carnation. It's very inexpensive and holds up extremely well. It has a terrible reputation for being the tackiest flower, because it's always been mixed with greens and baby's breath. However, when used on its own in a tightly packed vessel in beautiful colors, it takes on a whole new, glamorous look!

Color Combination Bouqets

For the bride looking for something different, have each bridesmaid carry a bouquet made of the same shape and type of flower, but use different color combinations for each; allowing for a lovely textured look.

Classic and Elegant Bouquets

To create a classic and elegant bouquet, start with a bouquet of pristine white vendela roses, add to that stunning stems of lily of the valley and surround it with a cuff of delicate green maidenhair fern.

Chic Country Bouquets

Create a chic country bouquet by combining buds of cream and dusty pink roses together with freesias and a cuff of variegated ivy. Finish the bouquet by wrapping the stems with celadon satin ribbon and pearlized pins.

Matching Flowers to Dresses

For a dramatic statement, use a single type of flower en mass for your bridesmaids' carry bouquets, and match the color of the flowers to the bridesmaids' dresses.

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