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The Beau-coup Family Values

Our company values reflect what is important to us as an organization as we define our culture. These values come directly from the people who work at Beau-coup. They are not made up by management, or any single person, but developed by all of us, together. These are the reasons we love working here, and what we believe sets us apart. As we grow and mature as a company, these—our family values—will always guide our decisions and our behavior towards our customers, business partners, and one another.

Customer Satisfaction

We're customer-centered. At the end of the day, we are about making our customers happy. Every department shares a commitment to providing the best possible experience for our customers. It's what drives us and makes us proud.

"Beau-Coup has a caring company culture that starts from the top and works itself all the way down to its customers. I love that we pride ourselves on customer service. We are not satisfied until the customer is."

— Michael, Customer Service


We share a passion for being the best at what we do. We are driven individuals who work hard and push one another to constantly improve how we do things both internally for our employees, and for our customers.

"We strive to improve the website and customer experience constantly. I like the fact that we always keep evolving our web site. This continued drive for change is a great quality to grow a business. I like that instead of resting on laurels we try to constantly evolve for the better."

— Niyati, Marketing


We are team oriented and achieve results through working collaboratively, both within the company and with outside vendors and business partners. We actively seek ideas and feedback from individuals across all departments of the company.

"I love that we value everyone's opinion. Every single person who works at Beau-coup has contributed to some aspect of the business. No idea is frowned upon and growth is encouraged."

— Carrey, Customer Service


We subscribe to high standards of excellence. We strive to deliver outstanding work through creativity, passion, and ingenuity and we believe there is always room for improvement.

"I love that we forge a path forward with ideals of high-quality experiences rather than taking the easy way out. The commitment and hearts that steer us in the right direction is the best thing about the company."

— Huy, Engineering


We believe that a strong family culture at work is essential to the health of the organization. We encourage self-expression and open communication, and we take care of one another. What it comes down to is we have fun together. We work hard to achieve our goals as a company, but we never lose sight of the fact that it's about the people.

"When I think hard about what truly motivates me, it's my commitment to building a great company — a place where people feel a great sense of purpose and take pride in what they do. I also love that we call ourselves the Beau-coup Family. It has always been a top priority of mine to create a fun and nurturing work environment where everyone feels valued and taken care of by the company."

— Polly, Co-Founder