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How to Assemble a Favor Box

Video Summary

Favor boxes are perfect to fill any small delights from candies to trinkets. 2" square favor boxes are one of our most classic and versatile packaging ideas. They come in several different styles and colors to match the theme of any event. Watch this video to learn how to assemble stylish favor boxes.

Step-by-step instructions to assemble a favor box

One of our most classic and versatile packaging idea is our 2 inch square favor box. These boxes are inexpensive and come in many colors and styles to match any event. One of our most frequently asked questions is how these are assembled so that is what I am going to show you today.

When you receive your boxes, you'll see they come in 2 pieces (top and bottom).

How to assemble a favor box

Assemble the bottom piece first. Squeeze two side of the boxes together into its box shape. There is 4 different flops which you will fold in. Start with three smaller pieces first and fold the long piece last which is the bottom of your box.

Assemble the top piece next. Fold in the four corners first. Next fold in the little triangle edges. Now fold in the shorter side first followed by the longer side.

Your box is now complete! You can embellish these boxes very simply with a personalized label, or go a little fancier with a ribbon and hang tag. The possibilities are endless! You can fill these boxes with our Jordan almonds, amorini hearts or any other trinket or treat. Check out the packaging section on our website for more awesome ideas.