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How to Build a Diaper Cake

Video Summary

Hi I'm Angie, you've probably seen diaper cakes at baby showers and featured on mommy-blogs. Diaper cakes are great, practical gifts that also make stunning centerpieces. Today, we'll show you a few tips and tricks making your own 3-tiered diaper cake.

The trick to a balanced 3-tier cake is the 3:2:1 ratio. We are starting with 90 diapers, so our bottom tier will have 45 diapers, the middle tier will have 30, and the top tier, 15.

We'll start by pre-rolling all of our diapers.

Start from the waistband, then secure with a rubber band.

Once you have your rolls ready, count out 45 for the bottom tier. We are building our diaper cake with two diaper genie refills in the center of the base tier. This will help keep the shape nice and round.

To start, we're going to first fill the middle of our diaper genies with 7 of our rolled diapers to form a solid base. Then wrap a large rubber band around the outside of the diaper genies, and begin to tuck the rolled diapers under the rubber band.

Once you complete the first layer around the diaper genies, repeat the steps, going around the circle until all 45 diapers are used.

The next two tiers are constructed in the same fashion, but without the diaper genies in the middle. We used 30 diapers in our second tier, and 15 in our top tier to get the 3:2:1 ratio. Once you have your 3 tiers ready, it's time to stack and decorate your diaper cake!

Now that the cake is assembled, we can start the fun part - decorating! This is your opportunity to get really creative - think about the theme of the shower as you choose accessories and supplies to include. We start by covering up the diapers with swaddling blankets or baby blankets, much like you would cover up the layers of a cake with fondant or frosting.

Fold your blanket lengthwise so that when you wrap it around your tiers, the blanket extends about 1-2 inches beyond the top of the cake then use a rubber band to secure the blanket around each tier.

You'll notice that there's a seam in the back of each tier. One way to handle this is by using pearl tipped pins to secure the loose end. Once all three tiers are covered and pinned, tie ribbon around the middle of each tier to conceal the rubber bands.

Now, stack your cake by placing the bottom tier on a cake round - you can buy these where baking supplies are sold, or cut one out of cardboard.

Finish decorating your diaper cake by adding all kinds of cute and practical baby supplies in the color or theme of your choice. Add don't forget to add an eye-catching cake topper, like this adorable "Sock-to-pus" plush!

Present your diaper cake as-is, or wrap the entire thing in tulle or cellophane for a really pretty presentation. And that's it! You just made a beautiful diaper cake that mom-to-be is sure to love!