Nintendo Themed Weddings

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Nintendo Themed Weddings

It Starts With the Console...

nintendo nes console boxed

The Nintendo Entertainment System has influenced our lives more than we could ever imagine. First launching in Japan in 1983 and then coming state-side in 1985, gamers relished the hightech game play over past consoles like the Commodore 64, Atari, or Atari 2600. Little did we realize that the NES would be so influential as to one day be a part of our adult lives. So much so as to have our wedding cakes, themes, party favors, ice sculptures, etc modeled after this gaming innovation and the personalities of the games that accompanied it.

NES box and controller influenced weddings

nes wedding cake

Nice detail in this one!

nes wedding cake

nes controller wedding cake

Is it just me or are the proportions a bit off here?

nintendo wedding cake

Ummm, can't wait to eat a controller. Great display of Wedding Napkins.

nes wedding cake


Can You Spot the Power Glove?

nintendo power glove

Dude's wearing a Power Glove to a wedding! Dude says, "you're welcome".


Super Mario Bros. Influenced Weddings

Would you have imagined that one day Nintendo games would influence edible wedding favors? Probably not. Check out these fabulous Nintendo inspired wedding cakes below.

super mario bros game cover

super mario bros wedding cake

Wow! Nice work.

super mario bros wedding cake close up

super mario bros. wedding cake

super mario bros wedding cake

mario bros wedding cake topper


Zelda Influenced Weddings

zelda game cover

zelda wedding

An actual Zelda wedding!

zelda ice sculpture

A Zelda ice sculpture?! Glorious!

zelda wedding cake

zelda wedding cake

Tetris Influenced Weddings

tetris game cover

tetris wedding

Ummmm, Tetris block cake is nummy.

tetris wedding cake

Ninja Gaiden Influenced Weddings?

ninja gaiden cover

ninja gaiden wedding

Can you hire ninja's to attack your wedding? I really, really hope so.

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