Discovering New Uses for Wedding Favors
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Save 25%, No Minimum - With Code: FINAL2

Discovering New Uses for Wedding Favors

After attending countless weddings, your shelves and drawers are probably filled to the brim with all the wedding favors and other wedding souvenirs you've acquired.

When cleaning out your shelves, you might consider throwing out some of these mementos, but many times, your old wedding favors can be converted or reused as something entirely different. With some creativity and some fresh wedding ideas, you can find several new uses for them.

Wondering What to Do with All Those Wedding Favors?

Bring new life to your wedding memorabilia with these useful wedding favor ideas:

  • Put your wedding place cards into a scrapbook along with pictures of your friends' past weddings.
  • Turn your old place cards into labels for other belongings or as a bookmark for your organizer or latest read.

Bring a New Scent to Candles and Soaps

Many candle wedding favors are too small to use as a centerpiece for your home decor, but if you hide them strategically around your room or bathroom, they can give your living areas a subtle fragrance. You can also put scented candles or personalized soaps that you have yet to use into your dresser drawer to leave your clothes smelling sweet.

Another option is to actually use the items as they were meant to. Create a DIY home spa and light some of your scented candles for a relaxing atmosphere.

Unscented candles can also be grouped together to create a centerpiece for dinner parties and smaller candles can be placed in tea light holders for a whole new look.

Let Them Hang Around!

Keychains and charms can be reused in several ways. You can remove the personalized tag and use them by themselves. You can also customize them to become a bracelet or necklace pendant. You can also add them to your phone as a phone charm or a cute way to decorate your bicycle basket or car rearview mirror.

Be resourceful—these things could worth more if you turn them into something new. You can also help your friends shop for unique wedding favors that are bound to be used for their purpose and don't forget to take advantage of all the wedding favor promotions such as free shipping to be had!

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