A Super Bowl-themed baby shower may be just what you're looking for
Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: BLOOM2
Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: BLOOM2

A Super Bowl-themed baby shower may be just what you're looking for

Although baby showers are typically reserved for mom and her lady-friends, these days couples are looking for ways to shirk tradition and give everyone something they can enjoy on the occasion. Of course, a lot of fellas aren't going to be very interested in watching the mom-to-be open dozens of presents - if only there were some way to keep them entertained when the doldrums start to set in...

Have you considered throwing a Super Bowl-themed baby shower? Believe it or not, it can actually work out pretty well! Ladies and gents alike can enjoy the game while simultaneously expressing wonder at the gifts mom is opening. Football is naturally filled with a lot of downtime, so you won't have to feel like your attention is divided, either.

You can put little sports fan placecard holders on top of each gift so that everyone knows who it's from. And just so dad doesn't feel left out, feel free to give him a personalized NFL beer mug - he'll adore seeing his name below his favorite team's colors. For the ladies, you can always hand out a few personalized clear plastic cups.

Given that this is first and foremost a baby shower, don't be afraid to go for the gusto when it comes to décor. Place mini lucky bamboo plants throughout the space as a way to wish mom good fortune with her soon-to-be baby. Freeze-dried rose petals are another great way to bring a little class to the occasion.

As the game starts, go ahead and bring out plenty of guilty pleasures - nachos, buffalo wings and chips and dip are givens, but go ahead and provide healthier options for anyone who may prefer something a little less greasy.

Halftime is a great chance to get a lot of presents opened - at the Super Bowl, it seems to go on forever, and a lot of people aren't that interested in watching the performance anyhow. Once all the presents are open, you'll have the rest of the Super Bowl to watch - it's win-win!


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