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Alyssa Milano reveals surprise baby bump

When Alyssa Milano revealed to the world that she was pregnant two days ago, no one expected her to be this far along - the actress came out to the premiere of Hall Pass boasting a sizeable baby bump, with no mention of how many months it's already been, the Daily Mail reports.

"Yes, it's true. And we couldn't be happier. Thank you for your warm wishes and love!" the actress tweeted on Tuesday.

If she's been so good at keeping it a secret up until now, who knows what else she's got up her sleeve?

Perhaps the clandestine nature of this mom-to-be rubbed off on her friends, who (for all we know) could well be into the planning stages of a baby shower.

Surprise baby showers can be a wonderful way to make an expecting friend feel special and initiate her into motherhood. Together, you and a small group of friends can plan a secret shindig replete with games, treats and baby shower favors.
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