Anyone up for a grandmother shower?
Save 25%, No Minimum - With Code: BLOOMING2
Save 25%, No Minimum - With Code: BLOOMING2

Anyone up for a grandmother shower?

The arrival of a new life into this world is obviously cause for celebration, usually in the form of a baby shower. But what about the grandmother to be? Becoming a grandma is often a dream of many, so shouldn't they be honored as well? After all, if it weren't for them, the impending birth wouldn't be possible anyway. With some plantable heart shaped confetti, criss cross ribbed lanterns and baby themed glass photo coasters, you're well on your way.

This unique twist on baby showers has been becoming increasingly popular as of late, but you should take note of the differences in terms of gifts. While ordinary baby showers may be full of practical presents such as strollers, cribs and the like, a grandmother-to-be might need more in the way of mementos such as an engraved silver photo keepsakes box.

However, that's not to say there still aren't some similarities between the two. Just because the crowd is a little older doesn't mean you can't play baby shower games or reminisce about the joys (and struggles) of raising the mom-to-be.

As a final step in the planning process, don't forget to send party attendees off with some favors. Personalized baby shower candy jars and mini candy pearls will certainly leave your guests smiling.  



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