Baby shower edibles
Save 25%, No Minimum - With Code: BLOOMING2
Save 25%, No Minimum - With Code: BLOOMING2

Baby shower edibles

We know it'll be awhile before baby can chow down on candy and treats, but that doesn't mean you or your friends have to wait around to enjoy some edibles at your baby shower.

All that gift-giving is sure to make people hungry, so consider a catered lunch or a home-cooked meal, depending on whether your strengths lie in the kitchen. Light turkey or cucumber sandwiches will keep the mood fresh and quell your guests' appetites.

Desserts and snacks are also a given, since you'll want to think of all the sweet times to come.

Brownies and cake can be served with a twist, as it's not hard to come by lollipop-esque treats on a stick. Guests will love mini personalized baby shower brownie favor pops or brownie pals party favors resembling your favorite creatures.

You can also have a platter of custom baby shower cookies in the shape of a carriage, rattle or crib, as well as personalized Hershey's chocolate bars and baby shower Hershey's kisses for the chocoholics in the room.


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