Baby showers should be all fun and games
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Save 30%, No Minimum - With Code: JULY2

Baby showers should be all fun and games

Baby showers are an exciting time for family members and friends of an expecting mom-to-be to gather together in celebration of the life that is soon to come. Although it can be extremely entertaining to simply spend an afternoon catching up, great baby shower hosts know that a few scheduled games can help keep the good times flowing! If you're looking for some activities that will have your guests rolling with laughter, here are some of the top baby shower game suggestions.

Asking guests to bring in a baby picture of themselves is a fun and easy way to host an ice-breaker at the beginning of the bash. Just arrange the photographs in a random order by posting them on a collage board and take turns guessing which picture belongs to which attendee.

When is the last time you sat down for a relaxing game of bingo with friends? This fun activity offers a low key way for hosts to entertain and does not require a lot of planning or preparation to pull off. Using pre-made baby shower bingo cards and personalized Hershey's kisses, guests can share a few laughs while vying to be the first to fill up a row or column.

Baby shower trivia can be as educational as it is fun for guests who have not yet given birth to children of their own! Separate guests into two teams to provide a little healthy competition and award a special treat, like baby shower cookie mix, to team and individual winners. Having the mom-to-be act as the announcer will give her an opportunity to learn more about what she is in for in the next few years of motherhood.

If your baby shower will be held outside, host a baby egg race in the hot summer sun. Provide each guest with an egg, personalized ribbons, markers, felt squares and sequins and ask them to create their very own "baby". Then, hand out large spoons and have each guest load their baby into the "carriage" for a quick race across the yard. The first person to cross the finish line without harming their little one wins. No matter what games you play at your party, make sure to pass out individual cameras so that guests have an opportunity to document all the fun they had!


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