Baby showers: when waiting makes sense
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: MEMORIAL2

Baby showers: when waiting makes sense

We know how much most of you love tree lights and mistletoe, but don't you think your baby shower deserves its own holiday?

Jeanne Sager of The Stir recommends hiding the big news for after the holidays if you're pregnant, especially if you don't want baby's gifts mixed in with your own.

Some of the biggest challenges for you clandestine moms-to-be might be declining the champagne glass when the whole family gets in on a toast, or explaining away those extra few pounds you've put on. Sager suggests coming up with a clever excuse, such as designating yourself as the sober driver or blaming your medication. No one will really think twice if you tell them you're on a diet, either. And if nagging relatives inquire about your baby status? Be prepared, says Sager. You'll just have to stay strong if you're not ready to spill the news.

Then, when the moment arrives, you'll have more to choose from than a wealth of red and green holly-themed baby shower invitations. Send the news out in style with a pink, blue, or colorful jungle-themed stack of cards.


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