Baby sprinkle perfect for the second (or third) time around

Baby sprinkle perfect for the second (or third) time around

For years, the general assumption was that a baby shower was only held for one's first child. But why should an expectant mother be deprived of the celebration the second, third or even fourth time around? Of course, it doesn't have to get as crazy as the first one, but a few baby shower decorations and games can be a great idea.

Sometimes referred to as a sprinkle (as opposed to a full blown shower), these events don't have to be any less special. While the mom-to-be doesn't need to receive as many gifts (chances are she's got the motherhood thing down), there's nothing wrong with playing a few baby shower games and indulging in some delicious food.

With summer approaching, having some classic cookout fare can be a great choice. Burgers, hot dogs, potato salad and watermelon are all must-have items and will be the perfect accompaniment to the festivities.

As for baby shower favors, keep it simple. Items such as custom baby shower cookies and personalized baby shower Hershey's Kisses are ideal for the subdued nature of a baby sprinkle. 


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