Baseball's coming - time for an Opening Day party!
Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: BLOOM2
Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: BLOOM2

Baseball's coming - time for an Opening Day party!

As one of our country's most beloved sports, you can bet plenty of people are going to be excited when baseball starts! What better time to throw a party than now? If the weather is nice wherever you are, you can even hold it outdoors and have a small wiffle ball tournament. People will love the opportunity to kick back and enjoy one of America's favorite pastimes with some friends. Here are some tips to help ensure that everything goes off without a hitch.

Start by decorating the party space with plenty of round paper lanterns. These are a great way to add a nice bit of color to wherever the shindig is going to be - they can also help light up the surrounding area when the sun starts to go down, if you're planning on having it outside.

Be sure to prepare a lot of appropriately themed food as well! If you'd like to make things a little easier on yourself, a mini baseball gumball machine will fit with the theme perfectly. You can also bake cookies in the shape of baseballs, catcher's mitts and bats.

As far as actual activities go, it depends on what your space allows you to do. If you have a large, expansive backyard, this is the perfect opportunity to pick up wiffle ball gear and hold a friendly game. Your more athletically-inclined guests will love the chance to run around after the long winter. Be sure to provide refreshments like soda, water and sports drinks for when your guests start to get a little tired.

When everyone leaves, make sure they walk out with goodie bags stuffed with great stuff. Personalized frosted plastic cups and custom designer cookies will definitely be well-received. For the little ones, you can set them up with a baseball-themed coloring book. If you've got a group of hardcore fans with you, you can even include a few folded up schedules for the local team - they can simply throw them on the refrigerator and always know what's happening.

Baseball is a wonderful way to herald in the beginning of spring - if you've been looking to throw a party, this is a great way to do so.


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