Begin a tradition of fond remembrance with a scrapbooking bridal shower
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: BLOOM2

Begin a tradition of fond remembrance with a scrapbooking bridal shower

When a bride-to-be is in the throes of planning her wedding, the idea that she'll look back on this time with fondness can be almost laughable. Planning a wedding is an understandably stressful undertaking, and it's hard to think beyond the next day or two, let alone five or ten years down the line. This is where you and your gal pals come in. If you've been tasked with planning a bridal shower, you have the perfect opportunity to give her something to remember. Why not throw a scrapbooking-themed shindig? Not only will it allow you and your friends to flex your DIY muscles, but it'll remind the bride that even the more tedious and stressful parts of planning her wedding will one day be great stories to tell.

Encourage your guests to bring over any extra craft supplies they might have, as well as any photos of the bride or her friends. When the shower is over, the leading lady should walk away with the beginnings of an amazing scrapbook. Pick up a large blank photo album and give everyone the chance to add their pictures and decorations. You can sprinkle some 1 carat diamond confetti throughout the book to give it an extra visual flair. Of course, the bride should have a chance to get in on the fun, so let her design the cover.

Don't forget to bring a camera! While you're at it, you may as well snap a few photos to kick off the scrapbook.

Kick back with some personalized mini glass candy jars filled with your favorite treats and go around the room, asking every guest to tell a story about her and the bride. Chances are, you've all had a great experience with her, and this is a wonderful way to bring a smile to everyone's face. You can even munch on some couture bridesmaids dress cookies while you do so.

When the party's over, make sure everyone leaves with a bag full of great goodies. You can add a nice touch by including a deck of playing cards with a personalized label in each favor bag.


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