Birthday party planning 101
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: FEBRUARY3

Birthday party planning 101

If you're throwing a party for a friend, relative or significant other, you'll need a few accessories to decorate the venue and keep the guests interested. But before you begin the process, find out of the birthday boy or girl has a heart condition - if not, a surprise shindig may be in order!

If your special someone's birthday falls during the middle of the week, you have the freedom of choosing the weekend before or after when settling on a date. Ideally, it feels more like a birthday celebration if the affair takes place on his or her special day or soon afterwards.

Depending on the size of the party, figure out if you want to go to a restaurant, rent a room at a bar or hotel, invite people to a home or apartment, or head to a bowling alley. If you plan on hosting it in a classier function room or restaurant and want guests to chip in, consider the salaries of your potential attendees. Some may be able to afford more than others, so it's best to choose a venue that accommodates everyone's financial limits.

When the event starts, let your guests nibble on some snacks and candies, such as personalized birthday Hershey's kisses or mini candy dispensers with a scoop. If you're serving alcohol at the party, couple that with personalized nuts.

During the occasion, pass the time playfully with customized birthday playing cards. This will fill any potential dull moments during the night and keep your guests entertained.

Invitees will likely bring gifts for the guest of honor, so why not return the favor with a personalized birthday party goodie bag surprise? This will surely please your special someone's friends and family and make for a memorable night.

Start early, get your invitations mailed out and let your friend bask in his or her birthday glory. When all is said and done, your hard work and party planning prowess is bound to have been worth it.

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