Breaking free of drab bridal shower decor
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: HEAT2

Breaking free of drab bridal shower decor

If there's one thing you don't want your bridal shower to do, it's join the ranks of shower cliches that you thought were just bad urban legends. Truth be told, corny games, awkward get-togethers and tasteless decor are not entirely unheard of.

To avoid the latter, ABC affiliate WCVB recommends "quizzing the bride about plans for the wedding, including colors and decorations. Work off of that, but don't do everything exactly the way she has the wedding planned out. That would make the wedding 'Shower 2.0.'"

To keep things inventive, it's also highly recommended to include plenty of personal touches in your decor.

Set up a photo wedding wishing well or a wedding DIY wishing tree kit as unique (and aesthetically-pleasing) ways for guests to send their best wishes along. These can provide the perfect table centerpiece to feature among other gifts. If you're looking to spruce up that other table (the one with all the food on it), arrange a creative display of treats using layered cupcake stands.


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