Bridal showers: going green
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Save 30%, No Minimum - With Code: USA2

Bridal showers: going green

We pay so much attention to recyclables and eco-friendly house-cleaning products. Why stop there?

Ladies planning a bridal shower in the near future can do their part for the environment by basing the party around a green theme. Of course, you could start by literally choosing decor in emerald hues, but you could take it one step further with some garden favors and eco-friendly packaging.

Guests will find a myriad of uses for their eco-friendly tote bag favors, which will double well as a grocery-store necessity and a hip fashion accessory.

You could also offer party attendees a stylish-yet-useful eco-friendly notepad and pencil favors or present them with natural bamboo coasters as their parting gift.

For something that just requires a little tender love and care, you can put an extra touch of thoughtfulness into your bridal shower favors by selecting personalized seed favor packets based on your friends' favorite blooms.

Finally, don't forget about the aperitifs. The more you make yourself, the better, especially if you opt for organic, locally-grown ingredients.


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