Bring the coast to you with a beach-themed bridal shower

Bring the coast to you with a beach-themed bridal shower

Who doesn't like going to the beach? A day spent relaxing in the sand and sun can be one of the best parts of the summer, but hosting a bridal shower on the beach can certainly be a difficult task. The prospect of a seaside shower is especially far-fetched if you live hours away from the coast in the first place. But with a little creative planning, you can bring the surf to you with a beach-themed bridal shower!

Since you're throwing a party with the ocean in mind, you'll have to take certain steps in decorating that convey the theme. For starters, bright colors should dominate the party space. Nothing says the beach more than light blues, yellows and oranges.

Along with setting up traditional decorations (life preserver and anchor anyone?), moving things outside can be a great option as well. Playing some volleyball and badminton can be the perfect way celebrate like you're on the beach - even if you're not.

Bridal shower favors are a great way to round out your party planning, and items such as personalized bath salt favors or personalized stemless wineglasses are an excellent way to thank your guests for coming.


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