Brunch and baby showers: The meeting of two sweet traditions

Brunch and baby showers: The meeting of two sweet traditions

What's a baby shower without food? After all, it's not just the guest of honor who's been having all sorts of cravings. People have been getting together around mealtime for years, and with so many baby showers taking place in the early afternoon, it makes all too much sense to combine two time-honored traditions.

Scheduling your baby shower for brunch time is one way to get all those lazy stragglers out of bed. Greet guests with a warm pot of bottomless coffee, jugs of fresh orange juice adorned with sprigs of mint, waffles guests can build themselves and a platter heaped with fresh fruit, scones and other tasty treats.

Once everyone has had their fill, you can go ahead and open presents at your leisure. If you're really going for a laid-back affair, instruct guests to arrive in their pajamas and slippers - just don't be surprised if you get more onesies as a result.

Plus, you can run with the theme and offer guests kitchen-themed baby shower favors. "About to hatch" kitchen egg timer favors and gourmet cupcake mixes are a fun and playful way to keep the culinary spirit alive.


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