Buck the trend with a surprise 30th birthday party
Save 30%, No Minimum - With Code: JULY2
Save 30%, No Minimum - With Code: JULY2

Buck the trend with a surprise 30th birthday party

A lot of people think that after your 21st birthday, the rest are just meaningless. We say that's baloney! With the right amount of planning and with family and friends by your side, there's no telling how much fun a birthday party can be - regardless of how old you are.

Those looking to cheer up a friend who may be bummed about getting older may want to throw a surprise 30th birthday party. After all, what's better than unknowingly walking into a room full of your nearest and dearest there to wish you well? However, you can't plan a surprise party all willy-nilly, so make sure you have the right decorations and preparations to avoid disaster.

To make sure that the the party remains hidden, you'll probably want to keep decorations as subtle and out-of-the way as possible. Balloons and streamers are always a good idea, and if you want to add a humorous tilt, hang up some funny photos of the guest of honor.

Party favors are a must have for any occasion, and especially for a surprise shindig. Thank your guests for keeping the secret with gourmet cupcake mixes or mini acrylic cocktail shakers. 


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