Cake favors are better on a stick
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: BLOOM2

Cake favors are better on a stick

Sometimes the thought crosses the mind that those in favor of finger foods never actually considered how unappealing greasy fingers are.

That's why lots of couples are opting to give wedding guests cake or brownie pop favors. The elegant, bite-sized pieces can be dipped in any color chocolate and designed according to whim. Besides, some things are really just more fun on a stick.

One Kansas City cupcake duo considered this tactic to gain an edge over competitors who had worn out the cake scene. They quickly caught on as bridal shower favors, but are also a popular kid's treat for birthday parties as well as other celebratory customs.

Fussy guests will appreciate the delicate pops for their mess-conscious appeal.

Kids may care less about their hands, but sticks are novelties as any corn-dog lover can attest. For birthdays, cake pops can appear in the guise of favorite critters or animals.


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