Channing Tatum flaunts "reminder" wedding band
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Save 25%, No Minimum - With Code: BLOOMING2

Channing Tatum flaunts "reminder" wedding band

Talk about people who would forget their own heads if they weren't bolted to their necks.

Channing Tatum is now flaunting a string around his finger in place of his wedding band, which he lost when he gave it to a prop mistress to hold while he was shooting a few takes. His wife, actress Jenna Dewan, was the one who insisted that he wear the string, if only to provide him a little reminder, the Toronto Sun reports.

"During the first few takes of the morning, I forgot I had it on. You got to take it off and put it in your pocket and I thought, 'That's probably a very bad idea because I don't have a very good memory'," Tatum told the news source.

If this couple were to ever have an anniversary party or host an occasion to renew their vows, perhaps they could consider incorporating elements in their décor which would jog Tatum's memory.

Tatum might enjoy personalized anniversary party mint tins inscribed with the number of years they'd been married, as the handy tin could fit right in his pocket. Glass photo coasters are also a pleasing way to remind a couple of the memories they have shared over the years.


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