Chocolate baby!
Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: SNOWING3
Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: SNOWING3

Chocolate baby!

The first time planning a baby shower can be extremely exciting, but it's important to stay organized. Picking a theme can be a helpful template for coordinating a fun and celebratory evening. We suggest something broad that you know will interest your guests. You can never go wrong with everyone's favorite food - sweet, sweet chocolate.

A chocolate theme will allow your party to appear extravagant or subtle, depending on your time and budget.

Get to know the guests with baking
Invite some of the mother-to-be's friends and family over and have a baking party where everyone helps make chocolate cakes, brownies, pies and pastries. This will break down the stranger-barrier, so by the time the party gets going, everyone is well-acquainted. Aim to whip up a bunch of sweet chocolate treats and wrap them up in cellophane with custom baby shower cookies and candy. Viola - your shower favors will  be ready.

There's more
Don't limit the theme to baked goods - showcase a variety of treats that everyone can snack on, like a bowl of bite-sized chocolates and fun size candy bars (similar to the baby on the way, good things come in small sizes). Go all out and rent a chocolate fountain, which will go great with some fresh strawberries, blueberries, and bananas along with assorted pastries and graham crackers. Your beverages can vary, but leave out some chocolate milk, or make up some hot chocolate - it goes great with a large helping of marshmallows.

Game Time
No baby shower is complete without a few games, and chocolate can easily be incorporated into the fun. That's why we suggest putting the daddy-to-be on the spot with the bake-us-a-cake challenge while guests spend time chatting elsewhere. Put out all of the ingredients for a cake and have him bake the cake from scratch without instructions - watch the hilarity ensue.

We know the bake-us-a-cake challenge is a win-win: Either he makes an incredible cake that everyone enjoys or it's a memorable catastrophe. If it's worthy of eating, let your guests bring home their own slice of the moment with personalized party cake bags.

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