Couples around the world wedding in horse and carriage affair

Couples around the world wedding in horse and carriage affair

Love and marriage really does go together like a horse and carriage, and thanks to the sweeping influence of Kate and William's big hooplah, more and more couples all over the world are fulfilling their fairytale wedding fantasies - and yes, at times, with an actual drawn carriage.

A couple in Nanjing, China, recently married in a Snow White-meets-Cinderella affair which they say was inspired by the real-life royals in the U.K. According to The Guardian, these sorts of weddings are becoming ever more popular in China, with the wedding industry growing by a margin of 20 percent a year.

"There's an exotic quality to a wedding like this," the groom, Wang Xueqian, told the news source. "I asked my girlfriend for her opinion and she liked the idea of riding in a carriage, so we decided to do it."

Even those who arrive to their affair in a slightly more ordinary automobile might opt for traditional, lavish decor, a grandiose ceremony and a general ambiance of pomp and prestige. This is exactly the sort of event that would call for fleur-de-lis place card holders and Swarovski accent letter cake toppers.


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