Crafty birthday ideas for creative kids
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: BLOOM2

Crafty birthday ideas for creative kids

Every mom knows the number one rule for surviving a birthday party for small children between the ages of six and ten - keep kids busy! Although there are several games intended for younger children, it can be difficult to foster a "play fair" attitude in creative little ones who often do better when working alone on individual projects. If you're the parent of a crafty kid, why not throw an arts-and-crafts themed birthday party? Crafting doesn't have to cost a lot - here are a list of the top DIY ideas for young kids.

Creating paper-bag puppets is an easy and fun way for kids to design their own characters, which they can later play with throughout the party. Stock your puppet creation station with colorful paper bags, buttons to glue on for easy eyes, several varieties of ribbon for hair, construction paper, markers, glue, glitter and confetti. Set up a simple puppet show station using construction paper and have kids develop different characters and take turns putting on shows for each other.

For parties that have only girls, set up an outdoor table that contains ceramic-safe paints and mini tea sets to give little ladies an opportunity to design their very own dish-wear. Paints can be purchased at various crafting stores with some quick-dry varieties setting in just a few hours. Host an extraordinary tea party celebration outside by giving girls small silk fans, markers, glitter paints and stencils to create a fancy Victorian cooling system for high-tea time.

There is nothing that excites small children more than the possibility of getting downright messy - so setting up an outdoor painting station can turn mom into a hero. Make sure to warn the parents of each guest before the party begins, asking them to dress their children in old or ratty clothing that can be thrown away at the end of the day. Purchase large rolls of paper (they sell some that can be cut to the size of each child) and have kids lay down while parents trace the outside of their shape. Then, let the painting begin - asking children to use their hands and paintbrushes to draw realistic life-size portraits of themselves.

Whether you're planning on spending the entire party crafting or have just one project in mind, make sure you have enough parents available to help small children with sharp scissors, messy paints and markers and confusing design instructions.



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