Create a crafty baby shower
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: MEMORIAL2

Create a crafty baby shower

Although there are several games available to entertain expectant moms and their guests during a baby celebration, it can sometimes be difficult for women who do not know each other well to get comfortable enough for game-playing at the start of a shower. When the guest list includes a mixture of family members, old friends and acquaintances from different social circles, beginning the party with a get-to-know-you craft session can help individuals mingle and learn more about the mom-to-be and each other. Here are some craft-based projects that are inexpensive and can be easily incorporated into any shower's theme.

Personalizing newborn onsies is a fun way for guests to explore their creative sides and will provide the newborn baby with a variety of unique and individual outfits to wear. To make this craft, you'll need fabric-safe markers, ribbon and baby-themed stencils - cookie cutters work well too! Hand out cotton favor bags that contain white cotton clothing items at the beginning of the party and have each guest sit next to someone they have never met before. After designing, let outfits lay flat on a table or hard surface for drying to prevent stains or smears.

Creating a personalized baby shower book is another fun way for guests to show off their design skills - just provide large sheets of high quality paper, stencils and markers and assign each person a different letter of the alphabet. When each individual has finished making her page, use a three-hole punch and ribbon to tie the book together for a unique baby shower gift from the whole group. Renting an in-home laminating machine can help to make the book more durable and will ensure that it lasts through the newborn baby's entire lifetime.

For smaller showers, guests can get crafty in the kitchen by decorating their very own baby cupcakes using premade cakes or cupcake mix sets and a variety of frosting colors. Keep the supply bar well stocked with designer cupcake wrappers, different sizes of piping bags and a full candy collection stored in mini glass jars. Asking guests to work in pairs can help facilitate conversation and make sure to host a show-and-tell for the final projects, which are sure to be a fun dessert treat for the end of the party.


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