Creative and customized baby shower baskets
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Save 30%, No Minimum - With Code: USA2

Creative and customized baby shower baskets

Although few things are more fun than baby shopping, it can be difficult (and expensive) to find the perfect present for the celebration of a first time pregnant mom. Homemade baby shower gift baskets are the ultimate gift for expecting moms-to-be and are an easy way for mothers with older children to recycle unneeded baby goods and personalize items based on the future mom's style and needs. Looking to create your own bountiful basket for a soon-to-be shower? The first step involves asking yourself three questions: How much do I want to spend? How big do I want the basket to be? And finally, what items do I already have that are no longer needed in my home?

Once you've decided on a price point and size, the process of putting together a basket will take just a few hours and is a crafty and creative Saturday project - but you will need to gather several items either by purchasing them in stores or recycling used goods.

A basket. Although you can technically use any container to hold gifts, it is better to use wicker or wooden baskets. These are a baby shower tradition and can be painted to match the theme of the shower or left white with themed ribbons and wrapping papers adding a stylish touch. If you find that the basket you have purchased is too big for the number of items you plan to include, filling the basket's bottom with tissue paper can help to make the size look more appropriate.

Practical items. Traditional shower baskets contain several items that are often overlooked by first-time moms during the pre-baby preparation stages including lotions, diapers, blankets and new or used clothing items. Pacifiers, bottle brushes, diaper ointments and bottles of baby powder are also excellent gift basket additions.

Fun items. These items will help to add character to the basket and to create an overall design and can include stuffed animals, picture frames and candy favors like "it's a girl" bubblegum cigars for the hospital waiting room. Make sure you include the new mom when purchasing gifts by including books for first time parents or handwritten notes of advice and a stylish diaper bag or gourmet treat.

After you have collected all of the items mentioned above, simply wrap or individually box gifts and place them in the basket for an attractive baby shower centerpiece that doubles as an excellent surprise gift.


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