Creative decor ideas for your outdoor wedding
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: HEAT2

Creative decor ideas for your outdoor wedding

When we think outdoor wedding, we generally think tent or no tent - but there's much more to planning these ceremonies than may initially meet the eye.

If you do decide to go with a tent, you should think of it as a foundation for the rest of your decor. Wreaths, streamers, lighting and floral accents will all need to work in coordination with your structure, and tents often allow you to do things you other wise woudln't be able to (such as hang things from mid-air).

Meanwhile, a purely outdoor ceremony can be fun in lots of different ways. As for suspending your decor, look to nearby trees, shrubs and chairs for a more organic layout to your decorations. From there? Go crazy.

"If you want a formal, ocean-themed wedding, you might want to rent chandeliers for inside the tents, along with a fountain for the centerpiece and blue linens and sashes for the tables and chairs. Almost anything you can imagine can be rented, saving you time and money," according to NBC affiliate KPVI.

To send the mood home, offer guests wedding favors such as buri fans, asian silk hand fans and wedding frisbees.


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