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Creatively infuse monograms into your wedding reception

Couples looking for a way to add a personal touch to their wedding receptions may consider adopting a trendy monogram motif.

After all, it can be a much better alternative to having your photographs screened onto every piece of paraphernalia, and it'll keep well with classy, minimalistic themes.

Still, some couples may wonder - just how many ways are there for you to incorporate your initials into your wedding favors and decorations?

To name just a few, couples can begin by purchasing an incredibly eye-grabbing item for their wedding reception - a brushed metal monogram cake topper may serve as a show-stopping facet to one's monumental affair.

Monogram paper luminaries are inexpensive ways to light up your event with a personalized flair.

Guests will be delighted to receive Swarovski crystal bracelets with monogram charms on them. If most of your guests have a sweet tooth, consider offering them packages of square monogram cookies with sprinkles or monogram cupcake rice krispy treats.
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