Destination wedding day dilemma
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: HEAT2

Destination wedding day dilemma

Hosting a destination wedding can be difficult for couples who have several friends and family members who will be unable to attend the event. Although this can sometimes make brides think twice about hitting the road for the day of their celebration, a recent trend in the wedding industry allows couples an opportunity to truly get the best of both worlds. Wedding parties held at a local location give large numbers of individuals who couldn't get away for the actual wedding a chance to celebrate the couple's love and wedding day bliss. If you're looking for a way to incorporate a large guest list into your destination wedding day plans, here are some tips and tricks that can help.

To pull off a post-wedding party, brides will need to make a decision between inviting their entire guest list to the actual destination wedding or inviting only a few close family members and friends. If everyone you know is sent an invite to view the vows, you can bet on only around 30 percent of invitees attending and can be assured that those who are unable to attend will have no hard feelings at your in-town celebration. While formal party invites should be sent out to couples who were unable to make the actual wedding day vows, it can be fun to send a quirky invitation to those who were able to share your special day. Mini suitcase favor tins reading, "Thanks for making the trip!", are a cute way to thank guests for their participation.

If you plan on having only a few people at your wedding, inviting others to an after-party celebration can be a little tricky, and may necessitate a personal conversation with each guest, explaining the reasons you needed to keep your special day small. Using a modern monogrammed unity candle, couples can recite their vows in front of all at the party to make every guest feel included in the wedding day ceremony.

After selecting a venue, couples should plan on throwing a reception that is on the same scale as the party they would have had if the wedding was closer to home. Although you may not be able to show off your wedding dress, hosting a less formal party can actually be more fun as friends will have a chance to kick back and relax instead of wearing their Sunday best. Make sure to set up a personalized wooden wedding chest, to give guests an opportunity to drop off cards welcoming you to your new married life!



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