Don't let the royal wedding overshadow yours
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: BLOOM2

Don't let the royal wedding overshadow yours

Brides in Britain are biting their nails over the projected date of the high-profile royal wedding, but William and Kate will be distracting the world for months surrounding the event regardless.

The Associated Press reports that "fear and horror are spreading through British bridal circles" who worry their wedding date will coincide with the royal couple's.

"I'm supposed to be the princess, and now I have a real princess to compete with," said Anna Whitcomb to the news source. Brides everywhere worry that even if they're in attendance, surreptitious guests will still try to watch the proceedings.

Brides-to-be could panic and move their weddings to next year, or they could decide to handle it gracefully. Brides magazine editor Deborah Joseph suggests to the AP that couples who do coincide with the royal date can plan a royal theme for their weddings as a "cheeky nod" to the occurrence.

Fleur-de-lis placeholders may be a sardonic saving grace for such weddings, as could handing out framed photographs of the engaged couple in king and queen costumes as a humorous wedding favor.


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