Eat with the seasons at your bridal shower
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Save 30%, No Minimum - With Code: USA2

Eat with the seasons at your bridal shower

Getting engaged is exciting and all, but you don't want to be unprepared for when your guests come filing in with an expectant set of empty stomachs. To make sure your bridal shower menu offers the perfect marriage of flavor and intrigue, choose seasonal ingredients for appetizers and entrees that are as traditional or experimental as your palette desires.

Those of you planning an upcoming springtime soiree may want to honor the season through light, colorful dishes that make good use of all the fresh, tasty herbs that are cropping up everywhere.

Asparagus cooked with leeks and butter is a very basic yet mouth-watering option to whet everyone's appetite. It's also coming up zucchinis, so you can go the sweet or savory route by opting for a frittata or a dessert bread (or both, if you desire). A quiche is also a filling and delicious option, especially when prepared with basil or chives - do top with some fresh pea shoots for an undeniably springtime crunch.

If the food you serve at your bridal shower does end up taking center stage, so to speak, offering bridal shower favors that speak to the heart of everyone's inner gourmand is a natural choice. Gourmet cupcake mixes and mini pizza cutter favors are compact, delightful and oh-so-delicious.



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