Every wedding detail should bear your stamp of approval
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: MEMORIAL2

Every wedding detail should bear your stamp of approval

Planning a wedding is involved enough to begin with, but just because there's a million and one details to attend to doesn't mean you shouldn't treat each and every one with care and attention. In fact, making the most of the small things at your wedding can take the special factor up by a major notch or two.

One way to ensure that your special day reflects every ounce of your individual touch is to opt for an ultra personalized decor theme. Table runners, centerpieces, wedding favors and more can be personalized with your name, photo or even a little symbol of your choosing.

Stamps are also an item that shouldn't be overlooked. According to the Charlotte Observer, you'll need these not just for invitations, but for thank-you notes and RSVPs. "Don't hesitate to pre-stamp RSVPs, if you want those cards back on time," the news source advises. "Some brides opt for wedding-themed stamps, but it's not essential. Better to have Santa stamps than no stamps at all."

On this last note, we beg to differ just a tad. If you're not completely flying by the seat of your pants (or gown, or what have you), it's all too simple to order a few custom designer self-inking stamps that you can use as a custom seal for every bit of wedding correspondence that comes your way.


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