Five tips for the perfect adult birthday party
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: FEBRUARY3

Five tips for the perfect adult birthday party

Many people believe that birthday parties reside just in the realm of kids and teenagers, but how wrong they are. There's nothing better than getting together with some good friends to celebrate turning a year older whether you're 30, 40 or 80! Just make sure that you do it right. With a few smart choices, you and your nearest and dearest can have a great time, and you won't be dreading turning another year older.

For the younger crowd, decor was usually loud and ostentatious. Streamers, balloons, banners, you name it, it's there. And while there is nothing wrong with such over-the-top design, it may not be well-suited for a more mature crowd. Still, that's not to say you still can't set an elegant scene. Here are a few tips to get you started down the right path.

1. Don't ignore the outdoors. If you're outside, you might think that nature will be your decorative backdrop, but don't get lazy. You'll probably take the celebration into the night, so provide plenty of light with round paper lanterns. Additionally, you may want to set the mood with some beautiful flowers arranged in contemporary square glass vases.

2. Lights, cake, action! Using lighting to your advantage indoors can have its benefits as well. However, instead of harsh electric bulbs, why not go for the soft warming glow of candles? Some wine cork candles or blue sailboat tea light holders are a great choice, depending on what sort of atmosphere you wish to create.

3. Adhere to the theme. Regardless of what you choose, just make sure you don't stray too far. In fact, it's best to keep things general. Want a coastal-themed party? Pick up some beach themed wine charms or a unity sand ceremony set.

4. Food, of course. Having plenty of delicious fare is a must, but what exactly do you choose? Well, that's all up to the guest of honor, but if you're having some cupcakes as an after-dinner dessert, don't forget designer cupcake wrappers.

5. Favors. No, birthday favors aren't just for kids either. Say thank you to guests for showing up with a useful parting gift, such as a personalized party koozie or a seashell wine bottle stopper

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